Sunday, February 24, 2019

What To Know About Flea-Borne Illness & Electromagnetic Therapy For Animals

By Robin Setser

If you're looking to adopt a cat or dog, their health should be paramount. After all, they should enjoy the greatest quality of life possible, which brings us to the topic of fleas. Despite the idea that they are mere nuisances, they have been known to cause illness, some cases being more extreme than others. If you'd like to know how to help your pet, in the fact of this situation, here are some important details, including those related to electromagnetic treatment for animals.

First and foremost, you may be curious to know how fleas are attracted in the first place. One of the most common is by exposure to other animals, since fleas can jump from one body to another. Fleas can also be attracted by simple walks outside. If your pet walks through tall grass or gets caught in shrubs, it's possible that the aforementioned pests will be brought along for the ride. These are just a few possibilities that pet owners should be aware of.

There are certain sicknesses that pet owners should be aware of, with some being more serious than others. For example, did you know that ingestion of fleas can result in tapeworms? These have been known to absorb nutrients that pets need. Skin allergies, which can be identified by welts, bumps, and the like can also develop. Problems like these require immediate attention, either by you or a medical professional.

Now that you know about some of the sicknesses caused by fleas, you should be mindful of ways to get rid of the latter. For example, you can treat your home with baking soda, applying small amounts in carpets. This has been known to keep fleas away and is arguably one of the most effective home remedies. You can also use a specially-designed shampoo if your dog has already attracted fleas. By the end of your pet's bath, they won't feel the irritation that their fleas were causing.

What if one of the illnesses mentioned before were seen? If so, you should bring your pet to your local veterinarian so that they can offer a proper course of action. They may also recommend electromagnetic or PEMF therapy, both of which use microcurrent electricity to reduce discomfort. This method promotes healing on a higher level as well, which your vet may tell you, which is all the more reason to take it into consideration.

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