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For Good Fibromyalgia Sufferers Winnipeg Offers A Recommendable Destination

By Harold Walker

Fibromyalgia refers to a very complicated medical condition. The condition comes along with chronic pain. It leads to sensitivity to touch and prevalent pain that may occur over the entire body. Eventually, the sensitivity and tenderness experienced wane and wax. There are physical, social and mental effects that come with this medical condition. When in need of Fibromyalgia sufferers Winnipeg should be visited.

In the US, statistics indicate that about 10 million people have the condition, which accounts for between 2 and 4 percent of the entire US population. Among the patients, women account for 80 percent of all cases while men account for only 20 percent. The condition does not discriminate based on age, and can affect adults and children alike. The term fibromyalgia literally translates to pain in tendons, ligaments, and muscle.

The abbreviation FM is often used to refer to this condition. FM is usually considered to be more than just pain. It comes with several symptoms that vary from one individual to the next. Diagnosis is usually done based on a combination of several relevant symptoms. Some common symptoms include over wellbeing, functionality, tenderness, and fatigue. Lab tests are usually conducted to rule out co-exiting conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid hormone resistance, and lupus.

Normally, intensity of symptoms one is suffering from differs a lot. Among the common symptoms are cognitive difficult, fatigue, stiffness and sleep disturbance. Some of other symptoms experienced are depression, tension headaches, anxiety, migraines, irritable bladder, pelvic pain, IBS and GERD among others. When one is stressed, the symptoms and problems related to the condition are aggravated.

FM does not have a cure. The recommended approach of handling the condition involves the employment of multi-disciplinary approaches with the intention of relieving and managing the symptoms. In one common approach, physicians use gentle exercise, behavioral therapies, and medication to relieve symptoms. Healthcare providers may assist patients to develop a self-management strategy and long-term health goals reduce chronic symptoms and the duration, intensity, and frequency of periodic flares.

Normally FM sufferers feel lonely. They get withdrawn since they are stigmatized by other people due to traditional attitudes towards them. Normally, this adds up to depression later. For this reason, it is critical that the family stays close to any kin that may be an FM patient. They need to get normal treatment from people around them.

FM diagnosis is usually very hard to do. Normally, diagnoses are dependent on the symptoms that the patient reports, physical examination and medical history. This may be coupled with precise manual tender point exams. According to research, on average, it takes five years for an individual with this condition to get a correct diagnosis. To a large extent, this is because many FM symptoms are identical to those of other medical problems.

The delay in diagnosis usually leads to extensive investigative costs and frustration for the patient and the doctor. As a result of this problem, the American College of Rheumatology published research criteria in 1990 that stipulate how a diagnosis of FM should be done. The research indicates the minimum symptoms for accurate diagnosis.

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