Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Biomedicines Are Not The Solution To Deep Psychological Problems

By Steven Myers

Having a family pet is often very therapeutic to the household. However, if you are thinking of taking care of animal from a shelter then expect some behavioral issues. Cases such as this are more common than most people think and love or biomedicines is not often the only solution to the problem.

It is also the social responsibility to ensure that every creature is given the right start to life, through proper breeding programs that start from the parents. They should not only be brought up because they are the perfect species to bring about a new breed that is desirable. Just like humans, these animals rely on the owners to show them the love and affection that they too can then replicate.

Without this guidance, they become wild and rabid which does not help anyone. Breeders without proper licensing should be reported because they are the reason that shelters are overloaded. They are in essence trying to play god and this is not of use to anyone at all. Instead, proper licensing and policing of these people could mean that the dogs get a good start.

When governments act in the interest of the people, then the change can be made. Right now the situation is only about making money and producing products which are defective. Sadly these products have feelings and when they are unhappy they show them through aggression. What most people fail to remember is that these kinds of species were once savage and wild and their hunting instinct is not entirely lost.

Without having the right start in life, this reflects on the learning abilities and could be costly. Behavior issues, if unaddressed turn to cost because the pet could suddenly start to destroy all the furniture and damage the property as a reaction to its environment. Stimulation to aggression can come from many sources and there is no one dire way to identify and see what the actual cause is.

They will not listen to any commands because their basic needs are not met. So ensuring they are properly fed, have enough water will give them the strength to start the healing process. When you are unsure if something you are doing is working it might be a solution to call in a profession.

Think of it as going to the doctors who are likely to give you the type of diagnosis that will start the process of recovery. Dog trainers do more than just work on behavior they also help to harbor trust. Just like abused humans, this is important if the training is to become effective.

By filling in a form of variability they are then held accountable for the actions of both themselves and their pet. Turning these creatures into weapons is one of the many ways that their quality of life is diminished. In fact the tighter the laws of ownership the more likely that change can happen.

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