Monday, May 13, 2019

Alleviating And Resolving Headache Pain Through The Spine With A Trusted Peabody MA Chiropractor

By Cliford Waluhan

Many chiropractors throughout the nation are currently offering options in headache relief. From recurring, minor headaches to life-altering migraines, area chiropractors can exam these problems and address them at their source. Some of the therapies they apply include neck adjustments, head adjustments, dietary and lifestyle changes, and massage therapy.

However, treating spinal abnormalities can also have a positive result on headache relief. In fact, there is a direct correlation between migraines and spinal abnormalities and compression. This is due to tension in the nerves and spinal structures, which affect posture and may result in radiating pain up and down the back, head and neck areas.

By using decompression techniques and adjustments to address spinal problems, you can alleviate headaches and neck pain. As ever, natural therapies like these are streamlined for addressing neurological issues and headaches. A full-body exam will be performed by your provider, and scans and imaging can be used to check for swelling, clots, inflammation and other problems.

Since the body is an intricate network of connected nerves, muscles, tendons and structures, care for one part of the body can affect the other part in distress. Similarly, the spinal column is connected to the neck, head and skull, which makes therapy essential in combating migraines and stress from within. The result is immediate headache solace and relief, along with better neurological performance with strong mental clarity.

No matter what age a person is, chronic and recurring headaches can be very detrimental. Working, taking care of loved ones, handling daily chores and participating in sports can be downright difficult if your head pain is unending.

Even though pain relieving medications are capable of providing short-term comfort, these products are often addictive and they are not a suitable long-term solution. Only chiropractic care can effectively address migraines and recurring headaches directly at their source.

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