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Common Causes Of Bulging Veins

By Jason Nelson

Nearly every body requires healthy vessels in order to ensure proper blood flow. As we grow older, certain signs may indicate hidden conditions that we are not aware of. While more of a cosmetic problem than a health related issue, one can never be too careful in understanding the common causes of prominent vessels. To start, here are some interesting facts you need to learn about bulging veins Gary IN.

One very important fact is that it can be a sign of valve issues. Valves are basically flap like structures made of elastic tissue that keeps blood flowing in one direction. When these structures are weakened due to genetic or acquired health issues, blood begins to pool in the veins for longer periods of time, making it look larger and more noticeable than usual which can look unsightly.

Another is the fact that it is part of a natural ageing process. Persons who are older than others tend to have more noticeable veins because their skin is less elastic than the rest. Other changes that they may experience also include the weakening of the valves which makes their blood pool within the vessels longer than normal. This phenomenon enlarges the vessel, making it noticeable against thinning skin.

If you are relatively young but have weakening valves, then this may be a sign of varicose veins. In this condition, prominent vessels are more obvious on the legs than the hands and are mainly due to the fact that such valves are unable to prevent backflow. When not taken cared of properly, the appearance of these vessels can enlarge and eventually cause painful sensations.

While exercise is the key to venal health, there are certain workouts that are more beneficial to your vessels than the rest. Some examples include walking, running, and stationary biking which are good workouts for the lower extremities. Other routines that are beneficial but must be treated with care include weight lifting, lunging, and yoga. The reason why the latter should be treated with care is because they can add pressure to the valves if performed incorrectly or too intensely.

When left ignored for too long, bulging vessels can put people at risk for severe circulatory issues. For instance, injured valve issues not only lead to prominent veins but also cause the potential formation of clots. For the latter, these substances may be formed as a byproduct of an infection during surgery or after years of harmful habits like smoking. When formed, these substances can affect major vessels which results to organ issues.

Another habit that affects the appearance of blood vessels is smoking. Several cigarettes contain nicotine which is a component that affects overall circulatory health. People who smoke several times a day are at risk for developing venal conditions as well as incurring other health risks like clots, atherosclerosis, and coronary artery disease.

With these facts to consider, one can easily see why it is important to invest in venal health. One way to ensure proper blood flow is to lie down on your bed with your legs elevated after a long day of work. To do the latter, rest your legs on two or three pieces of pillows piled on top of each other. This prevents causing valve issues while also allowing your aching muscles to rest.

One such example of venal treatment is sclerotherapy. This is a noninvasive treatment where doctors will inject a foamy substance into the veins of said person which results in them becoming thinner and less swollen over time. Depending on the severity, this type of treatment may require more than one session so the scars and veins will close and fade away easily.

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