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To Find Specialists In Varicose Vein Removal Gary IN Is The Best Location To Check Out

By Catherine Carter

Inside the body of human beings, blood is supplied to every part of the body by blood vessels. Normally, the vessels are narrow and straight to make sure that blood flows at high pressure. The heart is the mechanism responsible for pumping blood to all over the body. Nonetheless, there are times when the vessels become huge and twisted so that blood flow becomes impaired. When in search of a doctor for varicose vein removal Gary IN should be given priority.

When veins become enlarged and twisted, the condition is referred to as varicose veins. This condition can occur in any part of the body, but it mostly occurs in the legs. This is because more pressure is exerted on the legs when people move or stand. The veins appear to be protruding on the skin when this condition occurs.

Varicose vein is a mere cosmetic problem to some individuals with no health effects being caused them. However, to some individuals, this condition can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. In some cases, this condition could develop into a more serious medical problem as time progresses. There are cases where patients ought to have the issue addressed to avoid more complications. One could employ self-care measures to help solve the problem

Individuals will experience different symptoms depending on whether the condition causes pain or not. If the condition is not causing any pain to the patient, the veins will have a different color from normal veins. Veins will appear dark purple or blue in color. Usually, the veins also appear twisted and bulging.

On the other hand, if the condition brings pain, there will be a heavy feeling on the legs of the patient. This implies that the person will feel like their legs are heavier than they actually are. The lower area of the legs will also look swollen. Along with this, there may be a burning sensation, throbbing, and muscle cramping. Sitting or standing up for a long period normally makes the pain worse. The varicose veins lead to the skin around them becoming discolored.

There are several steps that one can take to reduce the severity of the condition. For instance, one can choose to exercise every day to improve the symptoms. Elevating legs wen sitting and wearing compression stockings can also help. In some people, these measures can completely curb the condition and prevent it from getting worse. However, if the measures are not working, it is best to see a doctor.

This condition is caused by several reasons. One of them is damaged or weak valves in blood vessels. Such vessels normally make the blood flow in the opposite direction. When blood flows backwards, it pools up in the veins and causes the vessels to twist or stretch. The severity of the pooling of blood depends on the level of damage in the valves.

Many people are predisposed to this condition for a number of factors. The factors are occupation, sex, obesity, age, family history and pregnancy. Vessels are weakened due to aging and therefore not able to maintain a steady omnidirectional blood flow. As for sex, more women are affected by the condition as compare to men.

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