Wednesday, May 15, 2019

How To Choose The Best Treatment For Angina Relief

By Peter Gray

Your doctor may diagnose you with chest pains that are caused by blockages in the arteries of your heart. To relieve the chest pains, you must get rid of the blockages. Many treatment options can be used to treat chest pains. However, you must know the type of chest pains that you have. When your heart is being overworked, you may develop chronic stable chest pains. However, unstable chest pains indicate that the pain is getting worse. Variant chest pains are caused when the coronary arteries are having spasms. A disease in the small coronary artery may also cause microvascular chest pains. The following are treatment options for Angina Relief.

If you have unstable angina, you should see a specialist immediately. Immediate medication and hospitalization is a must to avoid serious conditions and even death. This will stabilize your heart condition. If the problem is worse, stenting and heart surgery will be an option after your doctor has examined you.

Angioplasty and stenting are among the options used to treat angina. This treatment is effective and helps in keeping the heart open. The chest pains are thus relieved. Some risks that are involved include the re-formation of blockages after the implantation of the stents. Also, blood may clot causing heart attack risks and stroke. Patients that undergo this treatment have to use aspirin for the rest of their lives.

The second treatment option is the use of medications. When you use drugs, you may not need stenting or angioplasty. Some of the medications that can relieve the symptoms include aspirin, nitrates, statins, beta blockers, Ranexa, calcium channel blockers, and ACE inhibitors. If these medications do not work, stenting or bypass surgery may be opted for.

Another option that can be used to treat conditions of the heart is EECP therapy. This therapy is useful as it helps in relieving chest pains. Many therapists, therefore, use it. It involves cuffing ones legs and applying some pressure rhythmically with the heartbeat. This will work in improving and increasing blood flow through the arteries to the heart.

Additionally, your doctor will advise you to make significant lifestyle changes to help in relieving the symptoms. This is the best way to prevent yourself from many heart problems. Therefore, you should stop smoking, take a healthy diet, take low cholesterol foods, reduce weight, exercise frequently, be stress-free, etc. When you do this, your general bodily health will improve.

Make sure you talk with your doctor so that he/she advises you on the best treatment for your condition. People who have stenting and angioplasty tend to feel better faster. Their chest pain may decrease more quickly compared to people that take medications only. However, medications are cheaper and require no recovery time.

It is advisable to change the way you live and opt for a healthier lifestyle to avoid many heart conditions. Also, you should consider using medications before deciding to be operated on. Let bypass surgery or stenting be the last option after all the others have failed to relieve chest pains.

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