Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Why Spinal Decompression Works Better In Most Instances Than Back Surgery From A Dallas GA Chiropractor

By Salena Chery

Spinal decompression is a non-invasive procedure that alleviates spinal pain and discomfort. This common problem stems from herniated or bulging discs in the spinal column. This affects the surrounding tissues and nerves resulting in posture problems and pain at varying degrees. However, spinal decompression helps alleviate back pain without costly and unnecessary surgical procedures.

There are many different factors and events that can create problems with spinal decompression. Among these are obesity, which can cause the nerves to press up against the spinal cord. Slip and fall accidents and sports injuries can also create nerve compression.

With this therapy, patients are asked to lie down on chiropractic tables that have been specially engineered for this purpose. They are harnessed in place to ensure that proper traction can be applied to the spine. Basically, this structure is stretched in an effort to retract damages to the discs and all nerve compression. Massages or adjustments can also be performed at this time, whether they are manually performed or machine-assisted. This ensures that patients are able to regain their balance, flexibility and mobility, and sometimes great gains can be made in this area within the very same day of service.

Non-surgical spinal decompression has and continues to help patients of all ages. As a form of motorized traction, this procedure gently stretches the spine back to normal and functional settings. Patients experience immediate solace and comfort, but results may vary. For the most part, this technique has been proven successful in taking the pressure off spinal nerves and structures.

Your chiropractic doctor will perform a comprehensive exam before implementing this particular technique. Imaging and scans will also be taken to identify any areas experiencing distress. According to the results of this exam, your provider can find out if you are a qualified candidate for spinal decompression. Most patients, however, under this therapy to alleviate recurring or chronic back tension and pain.

This is a technique that can also be an ideal alternative to harmful medications for alleviating pain and expensive surgeries that don't always produce the desired results.

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