Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Apopka Chiropractor Provides Chiropractic Therapy For Whiplash Pain Sufferers

By Cynthia Thompson

Whiplash is a neck injury that is characterized by pain and stiffness, especially upon movement. This condition is the result of the neck being violently shaken forward and back, usually due to the impact of an automobile accident. Rather than rely on painkillers to ease the discomfort of whiplash, sufferers can seek the services of a skilled Apopka FL chiropractor who can offer them an effective therapeutic approach to healing.

Each case of whiplash is not the same, so individual assessment will be necessary. The chiropractor will carefully examine the patient's neck and ask them a few questions about the pain, and may possibly order further diagnostics if needed. Once he or she has a clear idea of the nature of an injury, therapy will be arranged.

When the spinal vertebrae in the neck have become misaligned it can make movement very difficult and painful. If this has occurred, the chiropractor may deliver several spinal adjustments to restore normal alignment. As pressure is abruptly applied to the affected joint it falls back into place, easing pressure on nearby nerves and relieving pain in the process.

Whiplash injuries can result in neck muscles becoming torn and painfully contracted. The practitioner may use various stretch exercises to help reduce this stiffness and pain. Trigger point therapy is one approach which has proven to be effective when there are specific spots of tension along an affected muscle.

McKenzie exercises are a specific set of movements the practitioner may implement in the patient's therapy plan if there is evidence of deviation of the spinal discs. These motions are designed to gradually help the disc move back into place causing the pain to dissipate. Once the patient learns how to perform these exercises, he or she can continue to do them at home.

Besides in-office care, an Apopka FL chiropractor will also advise patients on steps they can take at home in their daily lives. These will help to encourage a full recovery from whiplash. Being aware of the proper body mechanics and ergonomics can make a big difference is how completely and quickly one gets better.

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