Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Safe Chiropractic Therapy For Peripheral Neuropathy Offered By A Chiropractor In St. Petersburg

By Hellen Moare

Patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy have experienced damage to the peripheral nerve system which carries messages between the spinal cord and brain to the rest of the body. Not only is this condition painful, but it also results in a reduced sensory ability in the extremities. A St Petersburg FL chiropractor can offer these patients an alternative to meds through safe and effective therapy.

The most common manifestation of peripheral neuropathy is a tingling or burning pain, or numbness felt in the extremities. It can also cause muscle weakness and a lack of coordination. Causes vary, but these can include injuries, metabolic disorders, exposure to toxins, infections, and diabetes.

The reduced sensation in the feet in particular is dangerous for patients as they may injure themselves and not be aware of it, allowing infections to develop. Eventually some patients may even find that their ability to carry out motor skills such as walking and writing are negatively impacted. Most traditional doctors prescribe numerous medications to control this illness, chiropractic medicine, on the other hand, is focused on eliminating the source of the problem and using therapy to reduce symptoms.

The chiropractor will examine the patient and ask some questions relating to the pain to get an indication of its cause. Sometimes special nerve tests such as the EMG and the NCV are needed to help give more details about the source of the pain. Once the cause has been determined, a therapy plan will be devised for the patient.

The practitioner will first focus on bringing the patient's condition under control which is causing the neuropathy. This may be done using methods such as spinal adjustments or nutritional supplement therapy, usually with vitamin B-12. To address the pain and loss restore sensory function the chiropractor may implement such techniques as electrical muscle stimulation, body vibration, concentrated oxygen therapy, infrared or ultrasound, or trigger point massage.

When visiting a St Petersburg FL chiropractor, patients will also learn how prevention plays a key role in the management of peripheral neuropathy. Knowing how to control contributing disorders like alcoholism and diabetes can help limit the impact of the damage. Other measures such as avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals and not placing strain on the body through repetitive motions.

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