Monday, May 27, 2013

The Definition Of A Surgical Technologist

By Kate Jones

If you've ever wanted to have a job in the medical field, but four years of schooling just isn't something for you, then becoming a surgical technologist may be the answer you're looking for. So, "What is a surgical technologist?" The surgical technologist is responsible for assisting in the operating room under the guidance of the surgeon. They are a vital part of the operating team, and the patient's life depends a lot on the job they do. Keeping everything sterile reduces the possibility of infection or complications for the patient, and it's the technologist who continually monitors everything to assure that the equipment/supplies remain germ-free.

Being part of an operating team demands determination. The work hours are usually prolonged, and standing in one place for lengthy periods of time can be strenuous. One duty of the surgical technologist is to put together the operating room, like the trays, drapes, and operating room tables. The scrub tech sets up the instruments as well as any equipment that'll be given to the surgeon in the surgical procedure and they also ensure that medicine along with other solutions required for the procedure are labeled and easily available. The surgical technologist supplies the sterile gown and gloves for the surgeon as well as any additional surgical assistants.

Keeping track of instruments and also materials during the procedure is another critical portion of the surgical technologist's job. They also assist the surgeon by means of passing him/her instruments as well as materials through the entire surgery. Once the operation is completed, the scrub tech will help sanitize the operating room and also get it ready for the following surgery.

The majority of scrub techs receive their training through tech schools, hospitals, or colleges, and many states now require certification too. At the very least you will need a high school diploma or equivalent. Some hospitals offer a hands-on-training course, or you may elect to join the military and go through their training program in lieu of professional schooling. The qualifications vary with each state, but completing a course at an accredited surgical tech school and passing the National board of Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) will assure that you can seek placement in any state as a certified surgical technologist.

The job of the surgical technologist is a rewarding one. It's also crucial to the well being and recovery of the patient. So the next time you hear someone ask,"What is a surgical Technologist?" - You'll have the answer!

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