Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Tireless Work Of Sickle Cell Charities

By Vicki Diaz

For any person who has had a family member suffering through disease, or has had to endure it themselves, the help of others is a very valuable resource. Many wonderful organizations and charities devote their time and efforts to providing just that sort of assistance to these people. One type that continues to have a hugely positive effect is sickle cell charities.

Sickle cell anemia is a genetic disorder that is very common, affecting many thousands of people globally every year. It directly affects the red blood cells of the body, causing them to curve into sickle shapes, which is not how they naturally occur. This means that those who carry it experience many and varied health complications, and there is sadly no cure for their condition.

For these charities, the first step is often raising awareness of the disease, because many people may not even know what it is or why it is so harmful. They do so by organizing events that bring their cause into the public eye. They also produce materials that make sure people know what the disease is and how it affects those who have it. This knowledge is often key to their overall mission.

The pursuit of a cure for this disease is one of the most important things these charities strive for. On the way to this goal, they also attempt to go after more effective treatments. People who undertake these treatments and medications also appreciate their attempts to find ones that not only work better, but also have fewer and less severe side effects.

Many groups also aim to help patients receive the best care possible. This can include helping them pay for medication and hospital stays, or it may go as far as seeking marrow donors for them. Volunteers form the heart of these particular efforts.

Quality of life is often in danger of dropping due to disease, and so these organizations also try to ensure that such a thing does not happen. However, it is an inevitable fact that many people must deal with financial as well as health hardships when affected by this disease. Charities contribute to making sure any gaps in what they need are filled, so that the stress on them is lessened as much as possible.

Such charities are always looking for extra volunteers and assistance, so you should contact them if you are interested in getting involved. No matter how much or how little you can do, your contribution will be very welcome. Whether it is your time or your money that you would like to donate, it will make a very large difference.

The work that sickle cell charities do in service of awareness and relief should absolutely not be underestimated. They and their volunteers work tirelessly to make sure that they are always moving forward towards their goals of bringing comfort to the afflicted by whatever means possible. Perhaps one day the disease will be cured and their toil will no longer be needed, but for now, they are greatly appreciated by those whose lives they touch every day.

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