Monday, May 20, 2013

Have A Good Night Sleep With CPAP / CEPAP

By Zaiden W Xavier

CPAP / CEPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. This handy device provides continuous air pressure that keeps an airway open. It is mostly used for people with different breathing problems such as obstructive sleeping apnea, but it can also be very helpful for people having problems with snoring.

Loud snoring occurs when air flows through narrowed airway, causing vibration of sagging tissues. If the continuous air flow is pumped into the lungs, it keeps the upper airway passages open. This simple treatment eliminates snoring with near 100% success rate.

Obstructive sleeping apnea is the most common form of apnea. During sleep, upper airways get partially or completely blocked. The patient is struggling to pull in some air, and he can even stop breathing for a while. This is repeated and can cause a variety of problems.

If Obstructive Sleeping Apnea, or shortly OSA, episodes become frequent, this condition can cause heart problems such as arrhythmia. Other health issues can be related to reduced oxygen flow as well. CEPAP machine will successfully remove these problems, simply keeping air passages open. It is nearly 100% successful in treating moderate to severe cases of OSA.

Different OSA symptoms include troubles concentrating, forgetfulness, morning headaches, sleepiness, sore throat, loud snoring, restlessness and sexual dysfunction. Some people can become distressed or depressed. Sleeping partners will probably recognize some of these symptoms. Patients usually cannot recognize their problems.

This is the most effective non-surgical treatment for OSA. The mild pressure it creates prevents airways from collapsing or becoming blocked. It can also be very helpful for apnea patients suffering from coronary artery diseases or having heart problems. Another advantage is significant lowering of blood pressure.

CEPAP uses different types of masks. Nasal mask is most commonly used. It can cause some side-effects such as skin irritations, nasal congestion, ear infections and sneezing. Some people even have nightmares. Most of those side-effects will disappear soon, and some can be eased using nasal sprays or humidifiers.

CPAP / CEPAP devices won't cure your medical condition, but they will bring you relief and ease your life. Although nasal mask may be quite uncomfortable at first, you will soon adapt to it. Good night sleep is important for your health and the general quality of your life, and if you must handle the occasional nuisance, it's worth it.

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