Friday, November 28, 2014

Breast Exam And Some Facts That You Need To Know First

By Ida Dorsey

There has been an alarming statistics about a certain type of condition. And it says that breast cancer is the second biggest reason why many women die every year. With regard to this alarming information, there have been several steps and suggestions that were given to help avoid suffering from this. And with the increasing awareness, more and more survivors arise as well.

The usual people who fall prey to this disease are women, especially those who already have age. But this is also something that can happen to women who are also younger. And one way to be able to detect it, according to experts, is to do breast exam San Diego CA by yourself.

California is a place that is booming, particularly in the city of San Diego. It has also become the center of research organization for this particular condition. There are also several facilities dedicated to the treatment of those who are still suffering.

Women will always be at risk. And the only chance of surviving is by preventing it the best way you could. There are advices on how to do this. And you can also undergo exams on a frequent basis to be sure that there are no anomalies in your system. You can also do it on your own by having a self breast examination.

This means that you have to examine yourself with the use of several things and a procedure to see if there are lump formations around the breast areas. It is highly recommended because it helps in the prevention of the cancer. But there are experts who are now debating on the efficiency and the effects of the test. There are advantages to this but there are also certain disadvantages that you might want to know.

The good thing about it is that you can immediately sense if there is something wrong with your breasts. Lump formations are the first symptoms that is visible when a person has cancer. Through using this method skillfully, you can determine if there are indeed formations. This is the best way you can prevent the spread of cancer.

In this condition the phrase prevention is better than cure really applies. This is because there is no cure and the only hope that you have is preventing it. You will be able to avoid suffering from all the treatments and the pain. And all of this is because of self exams.

But there are still down sides to this aspect. There are others who would not advise constant inspection because of a few factors. One of this is the fact that it does not provide a more accurate result. The result that can be seen with an examination instrument and that of self inspection is just the same.

There is also a study that was conducted to see the effectiveness of this procedure. And it was noted that women who usually do this, have had twice the number of biopsies. Originally, a biopsy is good. It is intended for a good reason. But when it is frequently performed, it can cause the deformation of the shape of the breasts. And it would also make it hard for mammograms to detect a lump in an area that has undergone a biopsy.

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