Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How To Totally Avoid Navicular Disease In Horses

By Ida Dorsey

There are indeed plenty of mysterious diseases that can totally affect the health and the performance of the horses. You may be working on your barn one time and find that the animal is sitting and looks so weak because of pain. You may notice it as well when riding your horse, his or her performance may not be that good anymore.

Some will not realize it totally but others can determine especially if the animal is not willing to move, stand and to be with you. If this is usually not the attitude of your friend then realize that something can be really a problem. The problem is commonly known as navicular disease in horses. This can totally give him much pain.

The horse can totally feel the burning pain because of the high blood flow in the hooves and it can also change their coffin bone. To know if the horse is suffering from this kind of disease, you must know all signs. It the hooves are not trimmed well then it can be really possible to happen.

The trimming has to be done well to get rid of any complication as well as signs and symptoms of the disease. Doing it correctly will avoid abnormal growth of their hooves. The hooves can both grow and wear depending on the type of footing which he needs to keep on.

The bone will surely become immobile as well which can cuase poor circulation of blood. This condition will usually start in the front feet which can later on affect the other working parts as well. The horse has higher risk of it especially if he is kep on higher stalls which can give high demand of overweight and all.

All breeds are prone to have this type of condition especially those that have smaller feet proportion. The overall disease can be identified usually to younger ones. Even if the horse is still young, he can still experience it when not living a good lifestyle. Exercise must be done all the time to ensure that everything will be great.

To avoid it from happening, the owner must know what to perform to keep them healthy all the time. It could happen if one fails to take proper care of them. You must therefore avoid feeding them too much without exercise. Healthy lifestyle must be given as part of the treatment to get rid of it. This could also happen for those who are growing their horses for shows, sales and races.

The condition will happen gradually but can also cause severe lameness. It surely can be difficult as well to fully detect it during the early stage because it can totally worsen. You have to avoid letting the animals suffer from much pain which needs to be determined at the early phase of the problem.

The right way to get rid of it is to totally keep them healthy. Daily exercise and right diet must be provided to keep them healthier all the time. High pain must be avoided by helping them live a healthier lifestyle. To avoid all the symptoms such as pain, you need to offer them the right way to live.

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