Tuesday, November 11, 2014

One Handed Products - Assisting Seniors To Retain Their Freedom

By Erica Holms

When a loved one ends up with the ability to use only one hand, it becomes difficult for him or her to perform ordinary everyday tasks. These are easy tasks that are usually taken for granted. This situation could be caused by a variety of reasons.

Buying a selection of one handed products is a very good way to help the elderly in your live to experience more freedom in day to day activities.It is a good way to show that you care.There are a lot of these tools that are very useful for ordinary daily actions. There is special cutlery that is designed for the use of people who can only use one hand. It is a product for those with one hand with a special design that combines a knife and a fork into one piece which makes it easy for them to eat meals.

There are several one handed products that make it easy for these people to wear clothes. This is an action that most elderly people prefer to keep on doing without help as long as possible. The bra wearing tool is very useful for women. There is another button attaching tool that makes it easy to put on clothes that have buttons. You can provide a lot of freedom for your loved one by getting a collection of these senior products for them.

The use of these one handed products is not restricted to the home. There is one that makes it much easier for the elderly to open car doors. It has better leverage because the handle has a higher position than the normal inner door handle of the car. Some of these helpful senior products are designed for kitchen use. There are cutting boards that one handed people can use to cut food quite easily using one hand. There are other senior aids such as the paper towel holder which can be used very easily with only one hand.

Being able only to use one hand is extremely difficult for many seniors because they are so used to do everything in their lives with both hands. They have not been taught to use just one, so when they are forced into doing that, it can be a difficult adjustment. This is why using one handed products can help seniors maintain their freedom in their own home, even if they only can use one hand and/or have weakness in one of their hands, our one handed products can help make life easier for seniors.

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