Thursday, November 20, 2014

Disaster Preparedness Kits And Everything About Them

By Christa Jarvis

Several calamities may strike in different places. These calamities can cause damages to the different properties as well as losses to the lives of humans. To prevent losses to the lives of humans, various government agencies do necessary actions to prepare the members of communities regarding these incidents.

On the other end, community members must do their parts, as well. Disaster preparedness kits will have to be prepared which will include various things that can aid them during these situations. These persons should bear a number of pointers in their minds about these kits.

These kits should include personal belongings. These personal belongings could be moist towelettes, plastic ties and garbage bags that they can use to clean themselves. They can also carry pieces of light clothes so that they can change their clothing if they get wet.

He should also secure items which will allow him in treating wounds which a disaster could possibly be causing him. He should be packing medicines in curing headaches or stomach problems when he is not at home or in his temporary shelter. He should be packing band aids, as well, in treating a possible cut or wound.

He should be packing a charger and extra battery for his cell phone. This way, he could be calling other government authorities or his family members if ever they get separated from one another. He could also be bringing a whistle which he could blow in getting immediate help from the authorities. He could also be obtaining a flashlight in case he will be spending the night in a dark place. A wrench or pliers can also be useful in cutting damaged utilities.

Various disasters could strike at any moment that people do not know. For this matter, the items should be prepared beforehand. These have to be prepared at times that they are free to do chores. These things should be put on places and areas where they could be grabbed easily by the persons. This way, they would not be forgotten in times of disasters.

Other people say that these items are expensive and may cost them a lot. For that matter, they can save money if they will buy these items through sales. In these sales, they can obtain the things that they need and slash some amounts from the prices that they have to pay. Usually, the prices of these items will rise during the calamities.

It is recommended that they pack foods that are not perishable so that they will not spoil and the individuals can still eat them. They should bring foods that they can consume for approximately three days to seven days. However, they should also bring those that are rich in vitamins and minerals. This way, they can stay strong as these events usually will drain their energies out.

Enough water should be brought, as well. A gallon should be for one person for a day. However, if their stays in the temporary dwellings will be extended, how it can be sterilized should be known to them. The necessary steps and materials needed to be done should be known to them beforehand so they could be applied when real situations arise.

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