Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What You Should Learn From Jamal K. Malone

By Ida Dorsey

Recently, careers and businesses are facing a challenge due to economy recession. However, there are people who are succeeding despite the difficulties. This is possible through resilience and offering relevant services. Jamal K. Malone is one of the experts who are doing very well. He is a source of motivation to career people. Even entrepreneurs can learn from his skills and practices.

The expert does not underestimate the power of planning. Each morning, he takes a few minutes to plan his day. His diary guides him on what are the important areas to cover. Since not everything can be done in a day, it is good that you prioritize your activities. If each task is handled at the proper time and in an effective way, the final outcome is success.

With the rise of advanced electronic gadgets, you have no reason to fail. The computers and phones have planners and provide easy access to the internet. You can interact with the specialist on online platforms despite where you are. You need to adapt to this technology as fast as you can in order to remain relevant in the market.

The specialist has many assignments to do and each of them usually has a deadline. He needs to organize his schedule to ensure that each task is met accordingly. This is where prioritization skills become helpful. Go through your to do list and select the most urgent activities. Find enough time to do them well and finish the tasks in time. This will reduce the work you have to do and increase your chances of hitting the set target and deadline.

The specialist has so many people who try to reach him on phone or via email. This is why he usually goes off whenever he is in a crucial meeting or doing important jobs. This is a deliberate act to avoid daily distractions which hinder one from achieving his set goals.

A competent leader is the one who is able to delegate duties to his staff. This is for the good of the staff too because they get an opportunity to grow their skills. It also lessens the work pressure that the manager has to face. It is important to have a competent team that is able to do the assignments perfectly.

The expert has the ability to select the perfect employee for each task. Every job requires certain skills and experience. In addition, the employer should have the right training. His certificates should be verified by the relevant professional body. If the person has previously proven to be competent, you can trust him to do a good job again.

This specialist is known for quality services and high professionalism. He is highly sought by various companies. His success is characterized by high levels of education and professional trainings. He is often invited to seminars to share his ideas with those in a similar field. You should learn the above tips from him and your career will never be the same.

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