Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Discovering Proven Ways To Stop Snoring

By Donna Beley

The loud sounds some people make while sleeping are no joke. When the interruptions caused by snoring begin to affect life during the daylight hours, they may indicate an underlying medical problem. A Chicago sleep medicine center helps sufferers by providing individually tailored solutions to this personal problem.

The mechanics of snoring differ individually, but generally occur when air cannot move freely through the nose and mouth. The blockage can be caused initially by the position of the body at rest, or by excess fatty tissue surrounding the throat. It often become more pronounced with age as the throat narrows and muscle tone gradually diminishes.

Fewer women than men battle this syndrome, and carrying excess weight in an out-of-shape body makes it more likely to happen. Certain medications and alcohol use are known to affect normal breathing patterns, and the hazards of smoking are well documented. Sinus or nasal problems also inhibit air intake, and can result in habitual mouth-breathing.

Because the problem is so universal, new products promising instant relief are regularly marketed. Oral prosthetic devices have produced good results for many users, but actually address the symptoms rather than eliminating basic causes. Real progress in the battle usually involves smoking cessation, a realistic exercise plan, and weight loss.

Non-medical solutions include using nasal strips or a humidifier, assuming less restrictive sleeping positions, or using over-the-counter antihistamines. They may clear nasal passages, but do not stop apnea, a nightly interruption associated with snoring that feels like repeated suffocation or strangling, and can indicate other physical problems.

If nothing provides real relief, ask to be referred to a medical sleep center. While surgery is usually necessary only in cases of inflamed adenoids or similar problems, new techniques help shrink throat tissue in less invasive ways. Snoring may be humorous on a very basic level, but not to those who must deal with the consequences.

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