Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Review Of Robotic Assisted Surgery Houston, Texas Technology

By Frank Scott

We are accustomed to the idea that of a surgeon performing procedures with his gifted hands on his patients. This explains why the idea of robotic assisted surgery Houston, Texas stands out from the norm. These procedures are performed by robots controlled by the same surgeons from a computer. It is said that it allows for increased accuracy and skill allowing for operation in tiny spaces that otherwise would need larger, exaggerated incisions.

The media are always quick to highlight horrifying incidences of failure in this practice. These have led to past inquiries by agencies that have raised concerns. It is no wonder why people wince at the mention of this practice. Nevertheless, do not let public opinion guide your judgement. Let us look at these facts first before you decide for yourself.

More and more people have been embracing this technology since its inception. Some people have linked this with the benefits that patients derive from it. Having small incisions implies that one will spend less time in the hospital during and after the operation, lose less blood, use less pain relievers and take less time recovering. Smaller scars also tend to be an attractive factor.

For surgeons, this technology should come as good news. It leads to improved, less stressful working conditions while operating from a chair. This implies longer time of enhanced focus reducing risks of errors during the procedure. State of the art monitors give doctors a great view of what they are doing at any point. This further improves the chances of a successful operation.

The opponents to the technology insist that there is more in play than just the merits. The wow factor could be a reason. People take up new technologies every day without any prior investigations. There may be consensus on its effectiveness in some applications but it is becoming too popular. A standard system may be necessary to evaluate this technology.

Others say that hospitals are commercializing health care. Hospital managers are therefore on the lookout to increase their number of patients. Such technology could just be one of those measures put in place to gain a considerable advantage over their competition. This could explain the high, baseless, claims that comes with these robotic machines attached to roadside billboards.

The number of injury cases reported from use of this technology have become rampant. This has forced government agencies from various countries to intervene and send advisories to hospitals. Careful considerations should be taken during selecting a patient for this procedure. The risks involved should also be explicitly explained to the patients.

When all is said and done, a procedure will not work for you because it worked on someone else with a similar case. You need to get information from your doctor regarding robotic surgery. What alternatives you may have, their repercussions and why this proposed option suits you best. Then go online, learn as much as you need. Do not make blind decisions based on others experiences.

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