Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Movement Based Treatment Techniques For Low Back Pain

By Larry Walker

If it moves, then it is alive. This is the principle behind movement based treatment. This form of therapy has its origin in the East and has been perfected in the West. It is used to promote spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being. Motion therapy is a popular medical alternative when dealing with lower back pain.

Motion therapy offers a number of benefits including improving flexibility, release of muscle spasms and enhancement of posture and spasm. The methods used to generate motion are improved regularly with the aim of enhancing freedom and ease response by the body. Improvements have also been made to combine these movements with meditation.

One may choose eastern or western motion techniques based on personal targets and preferences. Qigong and Tai Chi are common eastern techniques that bear similarity. They are slow but comprehensive which makes them popular among the elderly. These cautious motion therapy techniques reward you with relaxation and are effective in restoring optimum body functionality. They also boost your mood by taking the mind away from the pain. This has increased their popularity several folds.

Yoga is also an east based movement therapy option that has psychological and physical components. The emotional aspect of yoga which allows the patient to cope with the distress, decrease stress, regain control of self and be tolerant to pain is what has increased it popularity. The motions focus on the back and can be supported by props to increase flexibility and range. You might require the guidance of a professional to achieve the extreme moves.

Western motion techniques characteristically focus on psychological stability and improvement. Some of the aspects that support healing include body flexibility, better self esteem, motion awareness and improved self image. Habitual motion is transformed into deliberate movement through time, practice and attention. This acts as a distraction to pain since the movements can be applied on all body parts.

The focus for Alexander technique is how body parts can be made to move correctly. This can only be achieved if motion is deliberate and results from physical and mental awareness. This technique is keen to address patterns of movement that are dysfunctional and thus put a lot of strain on body parts. The most successful reports about this technique is in relieving stress and lower back pain during pregnancy.

Feldenkrais method recognizes that there are alternatives during motion. It is therefore upon and individual to make the right choice. It therefore advocates for re-education of motion. This makes the technique both preventive and therapeutic. It creates awareness on methods that lead to lower back pain. This approach can therefore be used by persons who are yet to experience pain and thus prevent future trouble.

According to Trager therapists, there are mental and emotional patterns that guide holding and release of muscles. This is a basis for using motion therapy to control the holding and releases. As scientists continue to study different therapy options, the alternatives will benefit adherents based on faithful implementation. Therapy is preferred because it is cost effective and does not involve the use of medicines that result in harmful side effects.

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