Friday, May 20, 2016

Lap Band Surgery Houston TX For Better Quality Of Life

By Carl Morris

The obesity epidemic is the one of the fastest growing problems of our days. Sadly, over two-thirds of the adult population of the Unites States can be categorized as being overweight or obese. While traditional weight loss methods such as diet and exercise may be helpful and efficient for many people, for others only weight loss surgery might be the way to a healthier, better life. The popularity of lap band surgery Houston TX is due to its safety and relatively low risk for complications.

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band or simply known as lap band is a device that is surgically embedded in the body for the purpose of decreasing food consumption. A lap band procedure is usually recommended for notably obese or morbidly obese patients in order to manage their weight. The lap band can be adjusted to suit individual requirements and the progression of the weight loss process.

More and more insurance companies are extending their coverage to weight loss surgeries. However, there is a set of criteria that you must meet in order to qualify. These criteria are set by the NIH. Your doctor must also certify that the procedure is a medical necessity and not just to satisfy vanity.

Obesity and morbid obesity generate a series of difficulties that make life harder and harder to live, leading in some cases to the inability to leave the house. The emotional aspect of being obese is not to be neglected either: constant judgment about looks, constantly being patronized about what to do and how to do it, lead to the build-up of emotional stress. On top of all this, life-threatening health disorders that may significantly shorten life expectancy, lurk around the corners.

Eliminating extra weight is a sure way to eliminates health risks due to extra weight. It comes with numerous benefits including ease from aches and pains. As the pressure on joints and on the back is lifted as a result of weight loss, the body is relieved from all the pains and aches associated with having to carry extra weight.

Untreated glandular disease such as hypothyroidism should avoid this surgical method. The same applies to the person who has an allergic reaction to the metal of the band or any kind of allergy towards a medically inserted device are contradictions for this procedure. Someone with a dependency to alcohol or drugs is not eligible for this kind of medical weight loss. Directions after surgery must be followed closely; first, you need to be on a liquid diet, then semi-solid and at last solid. Diet and physical activities should be followed as directed by the doctor after the surgery.

When fluid is introduced into the stomach the lap band expands, placing pressure around the outside of the stomach and this decreases the size of the passage in the stomach and restricts the movement of food.

If you are struggling with the problems that obesity brings and you don't want to wait on an NHS waiting you could choose the Houston Obesity Clinic, TX top private facility for obesity surgery. You may have thought about having private health care and been put off by the idea of large bills, but it is actually one of the most affordable types of gastric procedure. It is a cheaper option than gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery.

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