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Procedure Used For Hormone Replacement Therapy South Bend IN

By Ronald Howard

As a person ages many of the organs and systems in the body tend to weaken and hence operate with less efficiency. The endocrine system is one of those systems that are affected by age. This system is responsible for the secretion of various hormones and enzymes in the human body. Failure in these major organs can cause the person a lot of pain and suffering. Hormone replacement therapy South Bend IN must be undertaken as to reduce the anxiety.

For menopause patients, the procedure is undertaken to reduce the anxiety associated with the moderated progesterone and estrogen flow. The procedure can also be used to prevent dementia incidences in some patients. Hormone replacement is also used by people who are considering switching gender. This person is introduced to the secretion of the gender that he or she identifies with. In other instances, replacement is used to counter the effects of hypogonadism in males. The popular secretions used in this process are estrogen and progesterone.

Women have been known to function on Oestrogen which is the main secretion in their bodies. It serves numerous functions such as aiding in the releasing of eggs as the woman ovulates, during the conceiving period and also regulation of menstrual cycles. Among other responsibilities carried out by Oestrogen are skin temperature regulation, bone density and keeping the vagina moisturized at all times. Shortage causes dryness, hot flushes and night sweats.

Progesterone is also another essential enzyme in female body. Its main function is to prepare the womb for gestation. Among other roles played by this particular secretion includes safeguarding the endometrium as known as the womb lining. Decreased circulation of progesterone does not have any particular effects on the human body. It is however important that both enzymes are introduced into the female body to avoid fatal reactions.

The form of medication that a person takes depends on the illness that he or she suffers. Experiencing incidences of hot flushes indicate that the individual should use tablets, patches or implants. This decision is usually up to the health worker depending on how he views the situation. The effectiveness of treatment does not vary with the method of administration however.

In other cases where the patient is experiencing excessive vaginal dryness, the solution is local application of Oestrogen. A regulated dose of the secretion is smeared onto the vagina to treat the dryness problem. The doctor does not have to use both secretions here since the concentration that is used is quite low and possess no threat.

The person is advised to use this medication until the signs and symptoms disappear. It usually takes between two to five years for that to happen. Once no further symptoms are showing the person can stop using the treatment. This should be done progressively. Abrupt withdrawal could have side effects.

This medical solution can be used by adult who feels the need to boost his or her hormone activity. However, many practitioners in South Bend, IN will not work with pregnant women and patients who have a history of breast cancer, pressure, stroke, at risk of heart attacks and various other conditions. Headaches, fluid retention, bloating and depressions are some of the side effects.

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