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Various Effective Allergy Treatments Charlotte

By Raymond Price

Allergies are among the commonest chronic conditions around the world. The presenting symptoms of this condition can be mild and irritating or life threatening. In any case, it is wise to visit an experienced doctor for allergy treatments Charlotte.

There are various treatment options that a physician in Charlotte NC can prescribe to a patient. These management strategies can be used alone or in combination. Allergic management can be broadly categorized to avoidance of the allergen, use of medications and immunotherapy. Medications are available in different forms which include pills, inhalers, eye drops, skin creams, nasal sprays and injections. Medications can be found over the counter especially the mild ones that help in relieving irritating symptoms. Other drugs are found by prescription only.

Antihistamines are the first line medications for most allergic conditions in Charlotte NC. Most Antihistamines are accessible over the counter in various stores in Charlotte NC. They are effective for relieving annoying symptoms of allergies such as runny nose, itching eyes, itching skin and sneezing. Antihistamines cause sleepiness and fatigue and as such they should not be taken when driving or undertaking risky activities.

Decongestants are effective for relieving symptoms associated with nasal and sinus congestion. Many of the medications in this category can be found over the counter. However, over use of these drugs can lead to various symptoms that may include recurrence of the symptoms. A visit to the physician is essential before starting to use this medicine. This is because not everyone can use medications in this category. It is contraindicated for pregnant mothers and for people suffering from hypertension, cardiovascular disease, glaucoma and hyperthyroidism.

Corticosteroids are a major part of allergy treatment options. They could be applied topically to a specific area or administered for a whole body system effect. Corticosteroids are mostly available under prescription. They lower the immunity of the body to prevent an allergic reaction. They drug should be administered under the guidance of a doctor in Charlotte NC. Mast Call Stabilizer is another class that fights this condition by preventing release of neurochemicals that cause allergies.

Immunotherapy should be administered by an allergist or immunologist in Charlotte NC. This method is effective for management of allergies that result from environmental factors. A patient is exposed to the allergen slowly until their immune system no longer reacts to it. Shots are given as preventive mechanisms to prevent new and occurrence of other allergies. Subcutaneous Immunotherapy is the most common method of this therapy. Sublingual Immunotherapy uses pills and is also effective.

A board certified allergist immunologist is the best person for consultation for severe and chronic conditions. An allergist in Charlotte NC will obtain a detailed medical history from the client. They will perform a thorough examination and some blood and skin tests to determine the correct diagnosis.

It is advisable to visit a physician or a medical facility which is specialized in handling allergic conditions. They are many in Charlotte NC which offers the above services and asthma management. To get the best physician, seek for a recommendation from a person who have had positive result from treatment from a certain center.

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