Monday, May 16, 2016

Benefits Of Stem Cell Treatment Centers Indiana

By Susan Murphy

Technology has been incorporated into everything even in the medicine world. Researchers and doctors convene at the stem cell treatment centers Indiana to do all they can to help keep the world disease free. There are chronic diseases that have not yet found any cure and medical research is geared towards finding a way to eliminate these diseases. These centers allow the scientists to solely work on finding a way to end such diseases.

The stem cells treatment has been controversial over the years but it has also been advantageous in helping correct heart defects. A defective heart may be treated by transplanting the specialized tissue that has been differentiated under mitosis and removing the affected area. The results that were obtained at first were not as the best but it improved the heat function a bit. The promising result gives motivation for the researchers to keep on doing their research.

The medication has also been helpful in the treatment of Parkinson disease. The brain tissue that is affected is removed and a newly generated fetal tissue is transplanted on the affected area. This has proven to be a bit effective for patients. The patients that have been affected by this disease most are boxers who in the course of their careers receive several blows to their heads. The only problem with these treatment is that fetal cells are rare to find.

There are genetic defects that one can be born with. The treatment centers have come up with a way whereby they address those defects by placing the new and normal tissue and removing those that that are affected. By doing these, they multiply and one can live a healthy life.

The other disease that the stem cell treatments have been able to treat is type one diabetes. This disease is very chronic and can be life threatening if not well looked after. Doctors in Indianapolis, Indiana have been able to transplant generate beta tissue. In adequate beta tissues are the causes of diabetes because they inhibit production of insulin. When this is done, the body starts improving and the effects of diabetes are reduced.

For race horses and athletes, stem cell treatment has been greatly used. The probability of having torn ligaments and tendons is very high. Stem cell treatment is used to replace the affected areas. The treatment is much quicker than having to keep going for surgeries for repair.

These centers have also succeeded in enabling the treatment of burnt victims. When a person is burnt, normal medication could leave ugly marks on the skin. Through this medication, tissue donation is not necessary. The doctors generate tissues that they will use on the affected area, the tissues will multiply and slowly normal skin will grow on the affected area.

The medication centers have also enhanced the testing of medical drugs. Nowadays there is no need to use animals as test subjects. A cell line is used to test a particular drug and if it works well with no reaction, it can be administered to patients.

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