Saturday, December 24, 2016

Being Involved In The Tamock Commanderie

By Stephanie Murray

When going into battle, people need someone to give them directions. They need information on where to go and which place is off limits. Going blindly into enemy territory is definitely not a smart move. A commander is the right individual for this job. A tamock commanderie refers to a group of people who have come together for a particular purpose often religious.

Individuals involved here are Christians. Some people are born into this kind of life while others get to learn about it with time. The latter are considered adopted. Both parties consider themselves as family since they have come together for a common purpose. Apart from upholding Christianity it is also important for them to carry on with the culture of their ancestors.

There have been a lot of changes in terms of how things are done. Citizens fall for corrupt leaders due to the benefits they can get from them. The manner in which some women dress nowadays leaves little to the imagination. Young children growing up in this generation are likely to follow these negative examples that are before them.

This is a group that knows the importance of morality and being different. Its members always set an example by how they behave. Men are gentlemen, a breed of men said to be rare whereas women behave like ladies. It is important for people to carry themselves with dignity and not just do things because the rest of society is doing them.

So many Christian based gatherings tend to go haywire when the issue of denominations comes up. Those who are aware that the aim is to spread the word of God tend to put such personal issues aside. Not everyone will understand the importance of this kind of union. In case there is a clash of opinions, it is necessary for the leaders in charge to make it clear what the intentions of the group are.

To benefit their society, there is so much work that has already been done. The group has donated to different charities close to its heart. They are involved in different missions to help the surrounding community. This may be through offering relief aid in times of hardship. The work of aiding humanity can never come to an end.

There is a certain checklist that people should measure themselves by as they join this elite group of people. It is meant to help them reflect on their morals. Faith is at the topmost of the list. Those willing to be part of this must believe they are doing the right thing and serving the right purpose. At that point when they question their actions, their faith will be their guide.

Honor is as important a trait as any other. This enables one to know what other people think of them. Of course one will know where they lie since one cannot lie to himself. Keeping to the promises one has made can be difficult. However, difficult does not mean impossible. If one really wants to follow this way of life, he will find a way.

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