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Info On Epidural Steroid Injection Houston

By David Adams

An irritation especially one that occurs along the spinal nerves can be very uncomfortable. Such irritation is usually accompanied by a lot of pain which usually can result in a lot of discomfort. A common procedure done in order to treat this is usually by getting an epidural steroid injection Houston so as to sooth and gets rid of the pain.

There are many reasons that can result in one getting an epidural injection and they can vary from one person to another. Some of the reported causes include raptured disks within the spine, a deformity in the bones where one of the bones ends up protruding into the spinal cord and even bulging of the vertebral disks . The number of shots administered will however be determine how quickly the pains subsides after receiving the first shot.

The kind of complications that usually result in one getting this dosage usually include bulging disks, raptured disks and in some situations it may also be as a result of a protruding bone that ends up piercing the spinal cord. Within a few hours after the sedation the pain usually subsides but in some situation it can take a couple of injections for the pain to disappear completely.

There are few risks involved if one undergoes the procedure however it is not fault proof. The skin usually contains some bacteria and when such bacteria are introduced into the spine by the injection, it can result in infections that can lead to serious complications such as meningitis. Dural puncture has also been reported among some patients with some even complaining of bleeding.

Side effects have also been reported in a few of these patients. The most common of them all have been arthritis, ulcers and even cataracts have also been reported among patience. In mild cases some patients have reported allergies as a result of x rays radiation they are exposed to during the procedure.

Medical complications and side effects should however not be ignored. Since the spine is a very important and sensitive part of the body, the complications can end up being very fatal if left unchecked. This however should not worry a patient as upon treatment they can get back to their normal state of health.

Due to the sensitivity of the procedure, it is always good to ensure that you get a certified medical practitioner to do it. Such an injection should not be administered as a result of an over the counter prescription but rather upon proper medical testing. The procedure can be repeated multiple times without posing any major health complication.

More and more people are now undergoing the treatment as a result of its efficiency in terms of pain relief when faced with pain along the spinal cord region. It is rather safe and can be done on a variety of people without risk of major complications.

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