Thursday, December 15, 2016

What Are The Common Misconceptions About A Princeton Psychiatrist?

By Nancy King

Psychiatry plays an imperative role in the society today. However, there are some people who have developed misconceptions about psychiatry and have made them be facts. The truth of the matter is that those misconceptions are refutations without basis. Some Princeton psychiatrist specialists have outlined the myths or the misconceptions in this article below.

Primarily, mental illness is seen to be special and very complex compared to other physical illnesses. This makes it hard for the people faced with the psychiatric disease. However, the fact remains that an illness is just an illness whether physical or mental. There is no another name given to the mentally sick persons, but patients as the same way physically sick persons are called; patients.

The myth of the mentally sick being dangerous and violent is basis less and unsubstantiated. The patients just experience irrational behavior, and that is all. Most commonly, the healthy people become more violent than the psychiatric affected ones. Following the misconception, people are always prepared for the negative things which may bring about hurting the affected party even before they can portray the violent trait.

Ever heard of the phrase where most sober men claim that a psychiatric patient will never get well if they visit the market? This is unfounded and has no scientific basis. In fact, there are numerous psychiatric patients who gained their total wellness after being picked from the market place. All that is required is their management which is done at the hospital.

There is another tendency where human beings will try to identify a cause of everything without understanding all the possibilities. When a person is faced with mental health, the people close to them will term that as their punishment or a curse following their past sins. This is never the case as the factors bringing about physical illness are the same factors that bring about mental illnesses. The treatment is scientific and not something artificial or witch crafty.

Also, people tend to conclude that psychiatric diseases are terminal. This has never been the case, and people should comprehend that delay has never been or will never be denial. Healing may take a lot of time, but that does not mean that the patient will never get well. Like diseases like tuberculosis, the patient will take long to heal but shall eventually gain wellness.

Finally, there is a misconception that the psychiatric disease is infectious. This is never true as the disease has never been contagious. In fact, you can stay close to an affected person and not be affected. The disease can never be transmitted using the body discharges. Hence you are safe being with the patient. Therefore, you are safe to stay close, have contact and even touch the bodily discharges when necessary. This is a misconception that has made many people abandon their loved ones who are suffering from the ailment.

If all the people disregarded the misapprehensions they have about the psychiatric disease and patients, the world would be a better place. The medical practitioners and psychiatrists would have a higher concentration on curing the patients more than worrying about the general public and the people close to their patient. Therefore, ensure to understand the myths above and help as many people as you can to understand how refuted they are.

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