Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pain Relief For Horses: How To Treat A Suffering Horse From Colic

By James Morris

There is joy within and without as well as peace within and without when your horse is in good health. This comes from the fact that all your recreational fun times are well catered for especially if you do enjoy horse ridding. However, it is heartbreaking to have the animal sick and not able to revert the problem. At times, the animal suffers pain, and you have not even the slightest notion of pain relief for horses. Therefore, it is important for you to note some of the pains which might occur. The commonest is identified as colic which is abdominal pain. This situation is caused by many factors discussed below and also the remedies are highlighted below.

Primarily, colic is caused by a radical change of the diet being fed to the horse. When changing the diet, you should be meticulous in identifying one that will never affect the digestive system of the animal. At times, the diet changed leads to indigestion where the indigested food may bring about obstruction in the intestinal track hence colic. Therefore, it is crucial to first understand what is suitable for your animal if you have to change the diet. However, do it systematically.

Nearly almost everywhere, people are taught to develop good eating habits for their health sake. This is a tip that should apply to the horses as poor or bad eating manners will bring about colic. A horse that has developed this habits like cribbing stands a high chance of being in pain when you least expect. Therefore, ensure to be keen and note all the habitual behaviors of your animal.

As you feed your horse, you should ensure that the feeds are rich in fiber. When the horse lacks fiber in its diet, it will start scarping dirt in search of it. As a result, you shall have the bowel of the animal being accumulated with dirt. This dirt is not good for the well-being of the horse, and it shall eventually lead to colic. Therefore, you must comprehend how important fiber is to the horse and any other animal.

Finally, on the causes, it is a lack of sufficient water. These animals require a lot of water, and you should make sure to have this sorted out. Therefore, consider having the water changed regularly and that the animals are having enough for them. At times, it is recommended that you identify a big container that shall be holding the water giving a chance for the animals to stay quenched throughout.

The first remedy is walking the horse. Indisputably, the remedy has been used for years by so many horse keepers as it is well known for combating anxiety. Also, you shall be minimizing pressure in the digestive of the animal. After walking with the horse for some minutes, it shall calm down and have the pain relieved. However, if you see the pain persisting, you should contact a vet immediately.

Secondly, you should consider exercise. Make sure to give the animal some exercises which shall keep it fit. Also, the digestive pathway or track shall be intact following the exercise.

The above are irrefutable causes with how you can prevent colic from happening. Also, if colic happens, you have solutions which are indisputable. If symptoms persist, seek a veterinary service.

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