Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Denver CO Chiropractor Has Headache Relief Techniques

By Frank Carbart

There are over 100 different types of headaches, denoted by the symptoms as well as the causes. Here are some of the most common types that are seen by Denver, CO Chiropractors:

Tension headaches: Commonly referred to as stress headaches, non-progressive headaches, chronic headaches, or daily headache these are common in adults as well as teens and are the most reported type of headache experienced. They cause a mild to moderate level of pain and will usually throb and come and go. They tend to coincide with stressful events so treating the tension with a good chiropractic massage can be a good way to combat the pain and ache.

Migraines: Generally manifesting as throbbing, pounding, or stabbing pains, they often have other side effects as well. They can be debilitating and can last a few hours, days, or weeks, even. Some people have multiples within a month. Additional symptoms include noise and light sensitivity, motion sickness, and stomach cramps. Although the cause is often hard to pinpoint, spinal adjustments are usually an effective way to reduce their frequency and severity.

Cluster headaches: Fortunately, these are rather uncommon, yet considered by many to be the most intense and painful type of headache. They are frequently described as a piercing pain, or penetrating burn, manifesting behind the eyes either constantly present, or being intermittent.

Most people can not tolerate the intensity of a cluster headache. If they are able stand leaving the bed long enough to visit a chiropractic office, an spinal adjustment or therapeutic massage is often able to ease the pain and relieve some tension.

Sinus: This category generally appears when a person is suffering an allergy or congestion. The headaches commonly appear alongside the onset of Sinusitis, allergies, or infections. Additional symptoms include, cough, low grade fever, sneezing, runny nose, facial swelling, sore throat, and plugged ears. It surprises many people to discover that chiropractic techniques are effective at alleviating the pains and debilitating pressure that are typical of this condition.

Mixed headache syndrome: These may also be referred to as transformed migraines. A blend of tension and migraine headaches, they appear in both children and adults, alike. They are diagnosed commonly. Although their duration is typically short, the intensity, severity, and frequency will vary with each individual's situation. The condition can be painlessly alleviated with specific chiropractic methods.

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