Friday, December 16, 2016

The Many Benefits That Comes With Movement Therapy

By Deborah Olson

In such a fast paced world, it is not a surprise that many people are subjected to high levels or pressure and stress every single day. Such mental and physical stress forces these people to seek the help of a professional who will allow them to go through a therapy that can help improve the way they live and view life. Because of the growing need, there have been several kinds of therapy that were developed for these individuals.

No matter which one you are taking, therapies basically want to achieve the same objective and that is to boost the health of an individual, both physically and mentally. Dance and movement therapy Carmel CA or DMT is a form of therapy which uses dancing as a therapeutic form of movement. It aims to achieve an emotional, physical, social, as well as emotional integration in its patients.

And while many individuals mistake it for regular dancing, it is proven to be on a different level of such. This is because it incorporates various elements in dancing such as emotional expressions, non verbal behaviors, and body language into some sort of language that needs to be translated in order to figure out the state of being of the patient. Because of this very delicate and specific objective, it is associated with multitudinous benefits which you will discover in the paragraphs that will follow.

Expressing emotions and feelings verbally can be a struggle for some people which is where this comes into the picture because these people are then given the chance to do so without having to do it in words. The music that is incorporated into this kind of therapy helps patients relate to it through reliving memories. Because of that, they will project steps and facial expressions that will be helpful in figuring out what it is that they feel towards the situation they have associated with that certain song or piece of music.

Because there is major physical activity, the individual is actually relieved of stress. But that stress does not only stop with the physical as it also aids in the relief of emotional stress by allowing them to put down the heavy burden or feeling they may be carrying. They will be encouraged to channel this through their dance as well as facial expressions.

Of course, with all the movement, there is going to be a development in gross motor skills and an increase in physical fitness. Warm ups are done in order to get the blood circulating, increase heart rate, and avoid straining the muscles. The different dance styles that can be incorporated likewise encourage improvements such as muscle growth and good posture.

Because the patients are grouped together, there is also that senses of being able to socialize which will improve their confidence and self esteem. Such happens because they get exposed to different people of varying degrees of ability and behavior. And because the sessions encourage positive environments, they feel a sense of confidence and progress.

In sessions where they are asked to be who or what they want to be, like an animal, or to act certain things like flying or swimming, their imaginations are then exercised. They will also be more creative especially when asked to convey emotions which the instructor or therapist will ask them to do so. This has great effects on their mental health.

The truth is that everybody is struggling to fight their own demons and win their own battles. This is the reason that you need to save yourself because nobody is going to do it for you. Focus on things that will better, not batter you.

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