Monday, December 4, 2017

Overcoming Language Barriers With An SE Portland Chiropractor

By Fernando Ketter

Language gaps can be mildly frustrating when they occur between you and a stranger on the street. However, this frustration escalates into a serious situation when you are unable to communicate with someone who is responsible for helping you with your health.

Unfortunately, going to a chiropractor that does not speak your language can lead to miscommunication problems that impact your ability to feel better. As you explore ways to find relief for your pain, consider these benefits of working with a Spanish speaking chiropractor that cares enough to speak your language.

Certain words can lose their meanings once they are translated to English. As an example, you might have the ability to explain sharp pains and shooting pains to your chiropractor as opposed to back pain that manifests as a dull and consistent ache. It is even possible to point to the targeted area, but you won't be able to tell your provider that the discomfort exists deep within your back muscles rather than right below the skin.

Knowing details like these is vital for chiropractic doctors given that these are the very things that help them identify the underlying causes of injuries. When these professionals are able to speak and understand Spanish, they can mark all of your words and do not have to worry about getting the message right.

By speaking the same language as your doctor, you can eliminate the difficulties in using a translator. It takes a lot of time to exchange words in this fashion, which is time that you could instead use to start working towards your pain management goals. It is often difficult to tell translators private details like how having pain like yours makes it difficult to work or that you often have shooting pains that travel down your buttocks.

Fortunately, a Spanish speaking chiropractor allows you to tell your problems to them privately without having to get a friend or family member involved. While you may be able to get by with language gaps during the course of an average day, your health issues become a different story. Make sure to go to a chiropractor that knows Spanish so that you can benefit from receiving the right types of care.

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