Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Important Role Of An ADHD Advocate

By Peter Smith

When it comes to an individual being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, it can often be a difficult experience. In many cases, these individuals need an ADHD Advocate or Educator who can help in different areas. One of these areas, especially with regards to children is that of current laws related to education and discrimination.

When it comes to acquiring an advocate, there are a number of choices. For, there are advocates who can be provided by social services, especially to families living on moderate to low income. Whereas, there are also private individuals working as advocates for a fee and those whom are provided through the school district in which a student resides.

To better understand if an ADHD or Educational Advocate is necessary, parents can determine whether or not there are questions related to the rights of a child when it comes to the educational system. More specifically, those raising children with ADHD or other behavioral disorders can receive assistance which helps to assure these children will not be abused, bullied or overlooked in the educational process.

All types of law have the ability to change, sometimes instantaneously. As a result, these individuals must be up to date on all areas of disability law when working an advocate. As a result, it should be noted that a great deal of reading and researching is associated with those working in this position.

In most cases, advocates have been thoroughly trained when it comes to laws related to disability. While most advocates are not attorneys, a main priority is to maintain a current database of laws and rulings that effect children in the educational system. Whereas, the primary role is represent the student and family by meeting with members of the school administration on behalf of the child or parents.

In most cases, a child, parents and teacher must attend a meeting with school administrators to discuss any problems a child may be having at school. At which time, the parents and school administrators, along with the help of the advocate develop a plan in which to help the child overcome the issues. Whereas, if the child continues to behave in ways which are dangerous to oneself or others or inappropriate, it may be necessary to refer to the child to a professional.

While laws related to discrimination and education relate to all children, there are more specific laws with regards to those with disabilities. Whether related to education or discrimination, it is important that those in public and private schools adhere to these laws at all times. Otherwise, school administrators, teachers and the advocate could face fines or be called to testify in a court of law.

Ultimately having an advocate can be beneficial, especially if an individual has to go to court. For, there are times when fighting for civil rights whether in regards to education or other areas that an individual needs someone to act as a representative in a court of law. Otherwise, the individual might be called to testify which in the case of those effected by ADHD can often be a difficult, if not impossible, task.

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