Friday, December 29, 2017

The Functioning Of Psychoanalytic Treatment NYC

By Harold Harris

Psychoanalysis is one of the most widely recognized forms of treatment in mental health used by therapists. Therapists will often be asked whether they are using Freudian techniques or that of Jung. Freud, being the forefather of psychoanalytic treatment NYC with Jung following after this. However, there have been a lot of developments.

Therapists do study the traditional methods. They study the history and the various concepts. However, very often they will come up with their own idea and formulas based on what works best for them. Of course, one also has to make sure that the treatment is followed according to the basic guidelines.

Without boundaries, therapists are really going to have a tough time reaching out to the patient. They need to maintain their professionalism. It can do more harm than damage when the therapist is not professional. For example, when a dual relationship is created, the client won't know where he or she stands. This is not appropriate.

Transference is something that usually forms in the therapeutic process. This is when the client begins to form an attachment with the therapist based on something from the past. It can be someone like a mother or a father that they are reminded by. They see this in the therapist. Of course, it can also be a negative experience. They will be reminded of someone that reminded them of a traumatic time.

An analyst should also be aware of the process the entire time. Even the most experienced therapists will come across a bumpy path and they have to be ready for this. They need to have some form of support. They will need to have a mentor. This is especially important for someone who is new to the profession.

Many people don't think much about this. However, there is proof to say that this type of treatment is hugely effective in the way the methods and techniques that are applied. The biggest aspect here relates to the process of transference. This is where the therapist reminds the client of someone else in their life. It could be because of something he or she does or says.

This can be positive or negative. The patient may have been through something traumatic during their childhood years. The therapist will remind them of an abusive uncle. This type of transference is not a bad thing because they will have to work through it. This is the only way to survive it. It is common for a patient to feel that the therapist is their mother or father that they never had. It is also necessary to work through this when the therapist is warm and understanding.

This type of therapy can be more intense than most other forms of therapies or programs. It is important to be consistent in the process. The person will need to come a couple of times a week in order to take advantage of this. However, there are people who find meeting once a week is sufficient for their requirements. It is also best to have face to face therapy. This is best for the process of transference.

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