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What Basic Tests To Expect From A Physical Exam

By Young Lindsay

One should not be adverse to going to a clinic to get a health checkup. You need to go for an annual physical exam Hartford to ensure that your body is in its best shape. If you do not go for this particular test on a yearly basis, you might be unable to prevent any ailment that you can actually prevent if you only had just gone to the annual health checkup.

This examination is sure to help you out in terms of your health. Remember that prevention is better and definitely cheaper than cure. If you go through the examination, you can prevent any ailments. If you plan to go to the said examination, then you better prepare yourself to go through the following basic tests on that day.

Your medical history is the first thing that your doctor will inquire about. After all, the medical history of a person says a lot about him or her. This is also the best time for you to mention your complaints or concerns regarding your own health. Your lifestyle behavior will also be inquired about, especially regarding alcohol use, smoking, exercise, diet, and sexual health.

Vital signs. You need to get your vital signs checked as well. Your vital signs will usually tell your doctor what he or she needs to know regarding your health. It gives a lot of information regarding your state already. For the vital signs, they will usually include blood pressure, respiration rate, heart rate, general appearance, and temperature.

Heart examination. This will have to be done annually so that you can determine whether your heart is in its best condition. When it comes to the heart examination, this will usually involve listening to its sound using stethoscope. If there are symptoms like irregular heartbeat or heart murmur, that might lead to heart complications in the future.

Lung examination. This is another examination that you will have to go through if you are going for an annual examination. The doctor will also be using stethoscope during this particular examination to listen to the sounds that your lungs make. It will be bad if you exhibit symptoms of heart and lung diseases like decreased breath sounds, crackles, and wheezes.

Head and neck examination. This is actually the most basic that you can deal with when you are going through the examination. When you go for this examination, you can check the state of the throat and tonsils. Your assessment will even include the quality of your teeth, gums, sinuses, ears, and lymph nodes.

Your abdominal examination will not be skipped on. During this examination, you will need to go through various techniques for checkup. The techniques can include tapping the person's abdomen to determine one's liver size. This is also a method for checking for presence of abdominal fluids. The doctor will also listen to bowel sounds through his or her stethoscope.

Your neurological examination will also occur during this general checkup. This is when your nerves and muscle strength will be assessed. Not only that, your reflexes, balance, and even your mental state will also be assessed during this time. These can provide vital information regarding your health, after all. You should not skip on this examination when you go for your general checkup.

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