Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Belly Dance Workout Book For A Better Look

By Janine Hughes

Tummy dancing, just as the name suggests, is a dance that will mainly involve belly movements. Every one familiar with it, knows it is very helpful for achieving a flattened stomach and reduction of fat around the mid-section. This may be the case but there are many other benefits associated with belly dancing. A belly dance workout book can be a great start for one who is opting to start this type of exercise. If you are shy, you can practice the moves alone. It is fun at the same time healthy.

First, it is known to strengthen and build muscles that surround the arm and the back. It makes the muscles more firm and at the same time relaxes them. Those who suffers from back pains and shoulder discomforts can experience relaxation. In Toronto, classes are offered to any interested party at a good price in case following a book is a problem.

This exercise has been said to be very helpful to women during their time of the month. Women experience a lot of stress, physical and emotional blockages. Movements of the tummy and hips help to eliminate congestion in the pelvic area. It enhances blood circulation in the pelvic area which leads to relaxation. It then alleviates stress.

The dance is also a helpful exercise to pregnant women. Gentle or slow tummy dancing movements strengthens pelvic muscles and prepares the woman for child birth. The rolling movements are essentials for labor and post-pregnancy recovery and they feel so natural. It aids in the creation of a bond between the mother and the baby since all the energy is focused on the belly.

Some types of diseases can be controlled through belly dancing. For those who have the arthritis disease experience relaxation and conditioning of the joints. This helps them feel less pain and discomfort at the joints. Stiffness of the shoulders can also be relieved through this type of dancing. Before one starts to engage herself in this type of dance, one should seek advice from a doctor.

This dancing type can burn up to 300 calories in an hour depending on the intensity of your dance. When combined with a healthy diet, it can be part of a very effective weight loss program. Since most people might only do it once or twice in a week, it can be combined with other exercises especially on the days one is free. The entire body will feel and display the benefits of this dance.

It boosts self-confidence. The movements are so graceful and gentle in a powerful way. It makes one feel sexier and better about their body. The dance is also done to express what one feels and hence it is very liberating. As the body posture is enhanced, one walks like a queen. Women who once had low self-worth start honoring their bodies.

A tummy exercising book can be of great help to those who are ready to reap the benefits of this type of dancing. It brings about changes inside and improves the functioning of inner conscience. Changes inside are also seen outside through how one behaves. Outside physical changes are seen through the improvement of the physical form. It is a life changing event that every woman should try out.

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