Friday, February 20, 2015

Survive The Off Season With NFL Total Offensive And Defensive Rankings

By Olivia Cross

As if February and the post-Christmas depression wasn't bad enough, the final whistle of the Super Bowl has blown and the NFL season is well and truly over. What to do on a Sunday? Sifting through last season's statistics should keep you occupied for a while. Start with the NFL total offensive and defensive rankings.

There are plenty of ways to deaden the pain. There may still be football-themed apps to download on both tablet computer and smart phone. This is a good time to begin what you promise yourself every year, that you will learn the names and statistics about each of the players starting in that glorious day in September when it all kicks off again for another year.

In early February, there are probably still people discussing why the NFL don't supply all the balls instead of leaving it to the individual teams. For a few weeks after the Super Bowl, there are still a few people who care. What is the optimum number of pounds per square inch, and is it really advantageous to the offensive team if the ball is overinflated or underinflated? Maybe cultivate an interest in basketball, while it is still being televised.

Come March, there may still be withdrawal symptoms. Followers of Formula One will be able to put the NFL on hold when the first race starts. Sunday afternoons have meaning again! This leaves those who aren't race fans to fend for themselves. Time to start digging the vegetable garden, maybe?

April. Too soon for barbecues, too late for the football forums. Some NFL fans, apparently, have lives. You should probably try and get one of those for yourself. In the meantime, there is Easter, and a back yard that needs tidying up. On rainy days, you can start work on that spreadsheet you threaten to set up every year to monitor statistics just the way you want them.

May. May is a tough month. None of the websites have been updated. There's nobody on the forums to argue with. Keep working in the yard. Tinker with your spreadsheets. Explore some of the other channels on the television. No, really. They do exist. Take the kids out for pizza. Take the wife out for dinner. You know her, she's the one who makes all the snacks on Sundays during football season.

The scene starts to brighten up a bit in June, and not just the weather. You might find a few people lurking in the forums. If you post something, especially if you misspell it, you might be able to get involved in a lively discussion on grammar.

July and August are the summer holiday months. Time for barbecues and vacations. Before you know it, it's the end of August and the first game of the season is just around the corner. You've tested your new spreadsheet to Kingdom Come and back, all you need is some hard, real data to start plugging in. It is finally time to check the stores' websites to find the best deals on beer, wings and potato chips. It's the new season!

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