Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Keeping Your Back Healthy With Help From Your Peabody Chiropractor

By Elke Hermann

One of the most common complaints in the United States today, is back discomfort. In fact, in any 3 month period, one fourth of the adult population in the US will experience a day with back pain, according to the NIH (National Institute of Health). To avoid many painful conditions, taking care of your back is extremely important and you can depend on your Peabody chiropractor for assistance.

The health of a spine depends on its alignment, and many things can affect this alignment. If muscles in one's back or abdomen are stressed or weakened, it can place pressure on the spine, resulting in misalignment. Eventually, other parts of one's spine may be affected.

The human spine is composed of many bones, separated by soft material called disks. Plus, your spine houses a vast network of nerves that serve as communication between brain and the body. A misalignment within the vertebrae can impinge nerves and affect their function, and this may result in all kinds of painful conditions.

The older you get, the more likely you are to have a painful back. It's even more likely if your parents had back pain. The effects of wear and tear on your spine can be greatly increased in you are overweight or do not get much exercise each day. Of course, some kinds of back conditions are a result of injury from improper lifting or accidents.

If you want to keep your back in good condition, you should eat right, exercise, and seek care from your chiropractor. Your chiropractic doctor can help you avoid many problems before they start. This is done with education and holistic therapy programs that are time tested.

You can depend on your local chiropractor in Peabody to provide safe and effective pain relief with all natural methods. Many times, there is no need for pain drugs or surgery. If you wish to talk to a chiropractic professional, you can call the office for a consultation today.

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