Saturday, February 14, 2015

How To Clean A Wetsuit And Keep It Fresh

By Janine Hughes

Purchasing a wetsuit is one of the best decisions you can ever make. The suit will benefit you in so many ways you never knew. While mostly used by professional athletes it can also be used by you for leisure activities. It assists in improving your performance in the water. While many people know how to use it very few know how to clean a wetsuit.

By definition it is clothing that has the advantage of being light and skinny. Originally intended for athletes performing water sports, the scope of its application has widened. The fabric consists of a unique material known as neoprene. It operates by forming a water layer between person body and suit. The persons could include swimmers, surfers and divers. The purpose of these is to ensure they keep their body heat intact.

They work on the principle of keeping their occupants warm away from the cold water temperature. This way you have a peace of mind any time your young ones are fooling around in the water. Despite our best efforts sometimes accidents tend to happen. This is due to the overzealous nature of the kids. Harmless play can sometimes generate into fights or worse so no surprises over there.

The trunk of your car is the wrong place to place your gear after a swimming session. It does you no good to have it cooked especially after a hot day. The best option for you is to have it with you at the front of the car.

The cleaning of the suit and its repair go hand in hand. This can be done using simple house items such as soap detergents, water and alcohol. Cleaning is essential as it works to remove the dust and sand particles that are present in the suit. Take the soap detergent and mix it in the water so as to make it foam. Apply the foam gently over the wetsuit to remove the dirt. Upon finishing follow it up with alcohol and hang it up for it to get to dry.

The question on many swimmers lips is how they can go about cleaning their gear. True, they are not many avenues for information on this aspect. Well you do not have to be worried. While it is true the material is durable like every other, it requires s cleaning on a regular basis.

Majority of the surf outlets offer a specific type of shampoo for sale. It is suitable for maintaining the gear. Please do not get tempted to dump it in the washing machine with the other clothes. This will damage it. Instead wash it by hand on a regular basis. To prevent it from smelling, there are some special deodorizers available. It works on the principle of disinfecting the cloth and making it smell free.

The care of wetsuits is very important. Every swimmer and diver knows how irritating it can be to keep changing the gear. A proper one is like a good luck charm. One that you never wish to ever part with or retire it. Keep yours in top condition and you will always be top of your game.

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