Thursday, February 26, 2015

Colon Cancer & The Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

By Jennifer Marie Anderson

When it comes to serious medical conditions, no one can argue with the prominence of colon cancer. It's possible that it can surface through certain triggers, one of the most unfortunate being a high intake of saturated fats. This is why it's important to maintain a much more robust diet, complete with the most natural products that can be avoided. If you want to know how colon cancer may be reduced, the usage of extra virgin olive oil cannot be overlooked.

According to The Olive Oil Times, extra virgin olive oil possesses certain polyphenols that may be able to keep cancer cell growth at bay. Anti-carcinogenic agents may be brought into the fold, for this purpose, which is a strong point that companies such as Unaprol can draw attention to. Of course, it's not enough to simply claim that such a product can help to boost health. Studies have to be done, which is what this particular article went into detail about.

Researchers at the University of Florence surveyed how the phenolic extract of extra virgin olive could positively play into the idea of colon cancer prevention. It seems like this type of oil has a strong influence on estrogen receptor ; for those who do not know, this is heavily responsible for preventing colon cancer to surface. Even though the evidence is strong, it's clear that studies will be ongoing. After all, the more information that is obtained, the stronger that future studies will be.

To incorporate extra virgin olive oil, in the best of ways, certain processes must be considered. You may be able to make small changes to your diet, such as the inclusion if said oil as a salad dressing of sorts. It's also possible that you can take up a new diet altogether. The Mediterranean diet can serve the best purpose, seeing as how it contains not only this healthy oil but various examples of produce as well. As you can see, this type of product has more than enough versatility.

It's important to look out for your own health, especially to the degree that diseases may be prevented. Colon cancer is just one example and I am sure that most will agree with the notion that certain foods and diet plans will keep risk low. This is what the aforementioned article showed and what future studies will dig into more as time goes on. If you want to talk about preventive measures, as far as colon cancer is concerned, it all begins with what you eat.

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