Monday, February 23, 2015

Some Benefits Of Telehealth Solutions

By Katina Brady

When new technologies and methods are developed the whole system improves and becomes better for everyone. There are several advantages to telehealth solutions that residents of Lawrence, KS can benefit from. For your consideration:

Patients with chronic health concerns may need constant monitoring and when that is the case they may be admitted to a care facility. While this is a reasonable way of dealing with the need for monitoring, the same level of monitoring can be achieved by monitoring them remotely which allows them to stay in their homes avoiding any anxiety about staying in a facility.

Long term health costs will be reduced. When a patient can be monitored in their own home the costs are significantly lower than if they require admittance to a care facility. For many the savings make treatment achievable.

There will be less need for trips to the emergency room. Many times an alarming health concern does not need a trip to the emergency room, but can be dealt with at home with the proper directions given by a professional.

Work flow in the clinic can be reduced. Doctors will be able to follow the condition of their patients remotely reducing the number of office visits. This brings a benefit to the doctor and to the patient. The doctor can book more necessary appointments and the patients can be sure their doctor is giving them close attention without needing to travel to the office to visit the doctor.

The number of patients re-admitted to the hospital will decrease. When patients are monitored remotely they will follow doctors prescription more closely which will help their condition to begin to improve. Also when they are followed closely any change in a patient's condition can be noticed and treated promptly before it becomes necessary to return to the hospital.

The quality of life that the patient experiences will improve. The appointments that a patient with a chronic illness is required to travel to and from take up a great deal of time from their lives. When the number of appointments are reduced the patient can find more time for activities that they find enjoyable.

The level of patient compliance will improve. The more frequent monitoring made possible with remote health monitoring will tend to encourage patients to be on top of their medical requirements, remembering to take pills and following doctors orders. Things like following suggested exercise routines and refraining from alcohol or tobacco will also improve.

Patient education and self-care will improve. With a system of remote health care patients are empowered to participate more fully in their own care. They become educated about their condition and what is required of them to contribute to their own care. Patients that are empowered to understand their condition and what they can do for themselves will have better outcomes.

The chances of patient mortality will drop. By monitoring the patient closely through remote monitoring any warning signs that their condition is deteriorating will not be missed, allowing the doctor to adjust treatment as needed. This extra safety net is a comfort to those who care for the patient, the patient's family and the patients themselves.

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