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Help For Connecticut Ears Nose And Throat Treatment Are Physicians Called Ents

By Lelia Hall

The doctors who specialize in ear, nose and throat disorders are called otorhinolaryngologists. This is usually shortened to ENT for convenience. Connecticut ears nose and throat patients can be seen by them in Trumbull, CT.

Within the long version of the specialist is oto, meaning ear. Rhino refers to the nose. The larynx is the structure in the neck that is responsible for producing voice and making speech possible.

Some children have persistent inner ear problems. This is due to the short stature of the structures in the human ear. There are tubes in both ears named the Eustachian tubes. These tubes are short in the child and can allow liquid to enter the inner ear, causing infection.

The actual hearing takes place in the cochlea, a structure located in the inner ear. There are many reasons why deafness occurs. An innovation to correct one kind is the cochlear implant surgery. It can result in hearing for one type of deafness.

There are sinus cavities that can become infected. This causes breathing problems when the congestion is severe. Sinusitis is also painful. This troubling condition might become a chronic one.

One condition that requires surgical intervention is called a deviated septum. This can be due to a misplacement or deterioration of the structure that separates the two nostrils. It is uncommon, but, if present is serious.

The ENT goes through an extensive education. It begins with pre-med which takes four years. Next comes four years of medical school. The surgical residency takes five years. One is in general surgery and the rest are in the specialized branch of medicine, otolaryngology.

After that some complete a sub-specialty Fellowship of one or two years. In spite of the extensive requirements, this is among the most desirable specialties. These surgeons go on to operate on the delicate inner ear, some doing the ever-more successful cochlear implants.

The individual who has sleep apnea does not know he has it until someone tells him after observing it. It causes a lapse in breathing because of respiration being disrupted for some reason. It is indicated by very loud snoring that can interrupt breathing.

In the throat lies the structure responsible for producing the voice. As someone speaks, two sides of the larynx vibrate against one another and sound is produced. Some people have throat cancer and the larynx must be removed.

After that, an artificial voice must be used to make speech sounds possible. It will not sound the same as the voice that existed prior to the operation. There will be a stoma, which is a hole in the neck. One primary cause of laryngeal cancer is smoking.

The patient will have to be careful when shaving. During a shower, no water can be allowed to enter the stoma. Special care requirements are needed for the stoma to keep it clean.

The ENT helps patients cope with and recover from all these conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat. Sometimes cancerous nodules must be surgically removed. A broken nose can be repaired. Also, someone can be diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea.

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