Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Important Tasks Of A Racehorse Trainer

By Lena Stephenson

Horses are dependable and loyal animals that have been the companion of man in doing strenuous work or traveling to distant places. They have been around the property of man and coexisting with humanity since the old times. In the past, they have been used as battle allies in wars among different kingdoms.

Horses are fast and can make human work a lot faster when they are around especially when it comes to transporting heavy things. They are even trained for racing which is one of the oldest pastimes of Westerners. It is a huge challenge for a racehorse trainer to tame, take care, establish connection, and train this animal.

The trainer needs to oversee the basic needs of the horse in training. Adequate food and nutrition must be provided as well as veterinary necessities like immunization shots and general checkup. These animals are extremely athletic and physical so they need to be checked from time to time if they have acquired minor injuries from the training.

The horse trainers have a special talent called the whisper. This means that they are animal whisperers that can easily connect with the animals. It is amazing how they can get a horse listen to their instructions and heed their signals. This is more of a gift rather than a talent.

In addition, they plan the conditioning process of the equine in training. There are appropriate standard training procedures depending on the age and size of the animal. Additionally, it will greatly help if the professional also has enough knowledge in the equine anatomy. Understanding their physiology will save them from injury.

They need to coordinate with the owners of the equines they are training and update them with the progress they are making. Before they compete on the race tracks, they have to be in perfect condition. Otherwise, there could be complications on the side of the horse making both the rider and the equine at risk. The horse must be trained as well to socialize with both his kind and the humans.

It is their utmost responsibility to make sure the animals are safe and protected at all cost since these are the investment of the owners to a million dollar worth race. And since the equines are to be competed with other horses in front of a jeering crowd, they need to be sociable enough. They may get scared if it is their first time to compete if they are not used to the noise.

There are legal means to become a certified trainer. But he or she must educate himself or herself starting from being a caretaker, a groomer, or a veterinary apprentice. Any kind of training that is all about the proper handling of equines is applicable. An owner will certainly look for a licensed trainer.

To become adept in this business, there is a need to educate oneself and to have a positive outlook. They say that positivity will radiate to the animal. Above all, one must have a passion for animals. This will create a magical connection between the trainer and the equine.

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