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Yoga Poses That Any Beginner Can Follow

By Jaryd Jordy

Below are 5 idiot-proof poses you can do in the comforts of your room right now. And if you feel you're ready by the end of this list, we encourage to have your first real yoga practice.

Here are 5 fool-proof exercises you may do in the comfort of your home starting today. And when you feel you can start, when finishing this list, we support you to take your initial real yoga lessons.

Yoga is all about being aware of your stretching. It's about feeling your muscles and breath when posing, so even a pose as simple as Mountain Pose presents its own unique challenge. In the context of yoga, this pose involves planting down your heels six inches apart, with leg muscles firm but not tense, back shoulders aligned with the hips, and neck loose but straight.

1. Mountain Posture or Tadasana

The Mountain position is one of the foundations from every different active positions, and it is a must to get this performed with proper technique and deep and slow and firmly fixed breathing, this is the way it goes.

2. Virbhadrasana I or The Warrior I Position

2. Warrior I Posture or Virbhadrasana I

One of the most important points in performing Warrior I correctly is keeping your thighs in a straight position, pointing ahead. An important norm is to control if they are in line with the frontage of the yoga mat - the best thing to do is to broaden your positioning a little to keep your equilibrium. You may position your soles or palms up to a wall for improving your physical consciousness.

Important note when performing Warrior I is that you hold your hips completely stretched while focusing your gaze ahead of you. An excellent tip is to control if they are in lign with the front edge of the mat - If you want, dilate your positioning a small amount to retain balance. Aditionally, you may place feet and palms on a wall. This will strengthen bdy consciousness.

3. Downward Faced Dog Posture or Adho Mukha Svanasana

A very known pose in the yoga world. To perform this pose, you place your hands on the front edge of your yoga mat with your hands facing downward and fingers stretched - make sure that you maintain them at half a foot ahead of the shoulders. Key is to hold the knees slightly underneath the haunches and move away from the soil during exhalation, raise the hips and reach out to the ceiling. Straighten and relax your hip area and if you are flexible enough you grab your feet or sools with your hands-intermediates still might feel to much tension in the back muscles and this is normal. Release tension in your neck and shoulders and look down with your face.

4. Child's Pose - Balasana

4. Child Posture or Balasana

Child posture is a well known position, performed in many Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and restorative yoga classes. Its a way to relax the body when you performed a lot of active poses. It is known to heal the body from streneous exercise. The pose looks similar to the attitude of a fetus. You can do this pose when coming out of downward dog. Make sure you bend both knees while lowering your butt. Make your upper body descent slowly towards the ground.

Focus your gaze to the ground and lower your shoulders, straighten both arms pointing ahead of you. Stretch your palms together with your fingers completely. Concentrate on deep breathing and release tension, give yourself the time to stretch your back and relax.

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