Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Major Significance Of Self Breast Examination

By Zelma Hurley

All women regardless of their ages can definitely do their own self exam once per month. This can be done easily to complete it because it just takes five minutes to do it. This is significant especially if the person is about to experience her menopausal period. One must perform the exam as much as possible. She can also do it 3 days after her menstrual period.

You can also perform the exam with the help of your mirror. Take off your top then do breast exam San Diego CA. Look at the size and shape of the breasts, nipples and areolas. Ensure that it looks healthy. The texture and the color must not change. After completing this part, you can lift your arms above your head.

Any person can also check both breasts to know if they look similar when moved or not. Ensure that there will be no bumps, dimples and indentation on the nipples and areolas. There must be no mark of swelling in the armpit as well. When the entire cycle is finished, lift the arm above their heads.

Use the right hand and fingers to apply light pressure to the area on your left. Stroke it from top to bottom. Start from your cleavage area until you reach the underarm and ensure to cover the complete area. Make sure you do not feel lumps or bumps and take not any mark or change in its color and size.

When she is done examining it, she can check both breast one by one. Anyone can perform the exam in her room or any private area as much as needed. One can also lie in the bed with the head and shoulders on her pillow. Place your left hand around then put it at the back of your head.

One can stroke the breast with the use of her right hand then look for major indications in size, texture as well as color. When done doing it, you can proceed in checking the other part. She can perform the examination once each month. If there are paint or changes in the place, one can consult with her doctor immediately.

This cancer type is known to be common that is why one should do this regularly to ensure that any problem can be solved right away with the help of the physician. Regular checking is significant, it is highly recommended for all to do the examination. If there are major signs of pain and difficulty, you can solve it at its earlier stage.

Conducting it is significant to know how it looks and feels like. Knowing it can help you detect major changes easily. The cancer can be detected through symptoms like swelling, breast lumps, skin dimpling and irritation. Knowing the form of your body as well as noticing any changes can give you the opportunity to catch cancer at its early stages.

All these guidelines and tips are few of the major things to consider and to determine if there is any problem given the changed form as well as size. You need to know how to end the problems given the nature as well as form. You need to assure that all steps are performed well to get the correct result.

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