Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ways On How To Improve Soccer Skills At Home

By Leslie Ball

In this day and age, when you seek football stars performing new styles in the field you really wonder how they were able to do the skills. It is because they do a lot of practice that makes them stand out of the crowd. Some of the ways on how to improve soccer skills in your backyard will also require a lot of hard work.

World stars reach those levels because they learn playing techniques early in life. It is because there are many things one has to learn to reach the same level, and it does not take a day to learn them all. However, you can still become an excellent player by practicing the most basic of the techniques that we see soccer stars doing in the field. You must be ready to invest your time, determined and work very hard to achieve the same heights. Talent is not enough you must put in also hard work to stand out of the crowd.

You can begin with learning how to juggle for at least twenty minutes daily for six days. Allow one day for your ankle to rest so that you do not overwork it. You must also ensure that the football has enough pressure not too full that makes controlling very hard.

Juggling is simple; you just put the ball on your foot and release it to air. You can now control the ball with your feet as it lands on it. If you find juggling to hard you can as a result not control a ball that lands on your feet. Juggling forms the basis of knowing how to shoot a moving ball in the air, passing accurately and controlling a pass.

It is also important to learn how to control a ball that you kick on the wall. Make sure you are not allowing the ball to bounce twice because it becomes hard to control after the second bounce. It is because when a ball bounces twice it moves away it becomes hard to direct it. Make sure you are also within a proper distance with the wall because when the ball leaves the wall it has much force that you may not be able to control it easily.

The other learn that will sharpen your skills is the dribbling technique. Dribbling works such that you push the football in the space ahead of your opponents and run faster to get the ball. As the backyard, you can use a puppy or a dog that loves playing with balls as a test. Just be cautious enough not to harm the puppy when you are running.

Shielding when playing prevents an opponent from reaching the ball, it involves using your body and arm and moving so that it is not taken away from you. Always ensure you are fit enough so that you do not get injured from another player.

Lastly, great footballers know that it's not about individual play in the field, but it is about team work For you to be a team player you must learn to give timely and accurate passes. There are good passes that when your team mate gets they just tap and it's a goal. Learn to pass accurately to make your team win easily.

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