Sunday, March 8, 2015

How To Achieve Menopausal Weight Loss

By Leslie Ball

It is a challenge for women at menopause and post menopause to control weight gain and loss. Gaining a few pounds is very easy but loosing becomes a huge challenge. Experts have studied this challenge and recommended very simple tips for menopausal weight loss. The solution is long term and does not involve tasteless foods or strenuous exercises.

Gaining or loosing fat is largely determined by your diet. Engaging the services of a qualified nutritionist ensures that your dietary needs are evaluated and healthy recommendations made. This will lead to necessary adjustments that will make your body fat easier to manage. The nutritionist works in conjunction with a dietary psychologist and an exercise physiologist. They provide a well thought-out plan that will deliver long term results.

The foods recommended by nutritionists are aimed at getting rid of excess fat as well as prevent any gain. They have recommended fruits and vegetables because of their tremendous benefits. The options in this food category will ensure that your preferences in terms of taste are considered.

A proper and healthy diet will exclude sweetened deserts and processed sugars if you have to shed excess fat. The calories contained in the sweeteners and deserts are counter productive if your target is to shed extra fat. Sweetened drinks, meat and cheese are the other products that should be excluded from the diet. They are easily converted into body fat.

The benefits of proper weight management at that stage include avoidance of numerous health complications including arthritis, high blood pressure and heart diseases. Excess body fats makes arthritis around the hips and knees more severe. It is also linked to diabetes, among other health complications that would be troublesome to women.

Every woman should form a habit of exercising on regular basis. This does not necessarily mean enrolling in a gym. The healthy and effective alternatives are gardening, dancing or working out for at least thirty minutes. Do not concentrate on a single exercise. Several exercises will help different parts of the body which leaves you feeling light and healthy. There are many opportunities to improvise exercise routines at home including use of stairs and lifting improvised objects.

Your choice of snacks and fast foods should be evaluated by a professional nutritionist. The aim is to eliminate unhealthy choices especially from the fridge and replace them with healthy alternatives. The alternatives are equally tasty but have the added benefit of providing good health.

Your choice of soft drinks should consider the presence of sweeteners and the amount of calories contained. The sugars in soft drinks are easily converted into fat. The effect is a reversal of gains made through weeks of strenuous exercises and dieting. Nutritionists have recommended healthy alternatives like seltzer water with a touch of lemon or lime wedge. The alternatives provided are both healthy and tasty.

Hunger has a way of pushing you to make irrational decisions about food. To avoid hunger and control the urge, regular fruit snacking is recommended. It keeps you full and the urge away. It also makes your diet rational.

Every woman should find a partner to walk the weight management journey with. This makes jogging, walking or exercising more fun and memorable. The two or the group should establish a schedule and make it a routine. The suggestions given above should be followed consistently to guarantee good results.

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