Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Benefits Of Long Island Active Release Techniques Therapy

By Lakisha Curtsinger

There are many different solutions used for wellness purposes in the modern day. Many of these are employed in alternative medicine, especially chiropractic care. Active release techniques therapy, also known as ART, refers to a soft-tissue system or movement technique created by P Michael Leahy. There are practitioners of ART available in many areas. Long Island active release techniques therapy services are offered through many professionals and facilities in this area.

This process is used for managing tendons, muscles, nerves, ligaments and fascia. There is little evidence available support all the touted health claims. Still, the practice is widely advocated and performed by those in chiropractic medicine.

ART may be used for muscle adhesion or scar tissue buildup. Adhesions may lead to muscles that are short or weak, nerve compression, and changes to muscles and joints. The therapy is believed to improve problems such as tissue pain, less-than mobility and a decrease in blood supply by releasing of nerves that are trapped and restoration of muscle fiber movement.

This is not the best solution for everyone. ART may not be ideal for people with inflammation or who have suffered some blunt trauma. It is recommended that this care be issued every other day. Practitioners will ensure that this is done effectively and with patient safety as a top priority.

When it comes to this process, providers will utilize their hands to evaluate the mobility, tightness and texture of soft tissues. They will apply pressure to necessary areas to break up and remove fibrous adhesions. Stretching motions are generally done in the direction of the lymphatic or venous flow, but can be done the opposite direction as well.

The practice is completed at different levels. In the first stages, the practitioner is responsible alone for moving the tissues of patients. Level four of ART involves the patient participating. He or she is responsible for moving tissues while practitioners are busy applying a certain level of tension. People should work with practitioners of top quality who are trained and experienced.

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