Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Role Of Lap Band Surgeons

By Olive Pate

Obesity is now the top major problems of many individuals around world. In fact, even children may experience this kind of dilemma. In order to lose weight, some people prefer to change their lifestyle, they go to the gym most often, jog every morning and follow a healthy diet. However, for some who wants to achieve a quick result, they prefer to undergo a surgical operation call as lap band surgery.

Most programs and surgeons in Ridgewood, NJ are using the best approach for the treatment. The procedure is only allowed for adults and performed to 18 years and above candidates. All patients should understand the procedure and their willingness to follow lifestyle changes required to make the surgical operation successful. The surgery will be performed by qualified lap band surgeons NJ to ensure better results.

The procedure is restricted for patients who have difficulties to understand the surgery, those emotionally unstable and dependent on alcohol and drugs. Patients with a history of gastrointestinal problems need to be reviewed properly before making a decision. Similarly, candidates who have experienced medical conditions such as lung and heart conditions may be restricted to take the procedure.

Basically, this surgery is better than other methods in many ways. First, the overall cost is typically lower. Also, it has less term complications, the band can be adjusted is easy to reverse the procedure. During the surgery, the band is not often inflated. You need to recover from the operation first before it is adjusted for weight loss reasons..

After the surgical operation, you need pain medicines to help with soreness and discomfort. You will also be encouraged to start moving around to heal the body effectively. You may also undergo an xray a day after the operation to ensure everything is in good condition.

The doctor will also give you specific instructions when it comes to your food after the operation. In two weeks time, your stomach can only consume an amount of liquid whilst you are still in the process of healing. There are some who get full immediately in a sip of water.

It is always important to sip water everyday to avoid dehydration. You will also notice that your bowel movements are irregular after the operation. Do not worry, since this will commonly happen after the operation. Avoid being constipated and trained with your bowel movements.

Day by day, you are able to add an amount of solid food to your diet. Be careful in chewing the food and stop taking food when you are full. If you don't chew the food well, you may feel nausea or discomfort. Your surgeon may also recommend you to work with a nutritionist or dietitian to plan your healthy meals to give you sufficient vitamins, protein and minerals while losing weight.

After the procedure, weight loss is usually slow but on a steady manner. You only have to visit your surgeon regularly. Normally, this surgery is best for people who are overweight and obese. But, it is also effective for those who try to lose weight and have done exercises, diet and even medication, but still failed to lose weight.

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