Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Need For Neuropsychological Testing

By Nancy Gardner

There are a variety of ways that a patient can be tested psychologically. Neuropsychological testing is one such way that has proven to be successful and has helped a lot of people go forward in life. It is a way of diagnosing the problem by doing a variety of tests. This is related to the brain and one often can't find this out through simply talking to someone.

A neuropsychologist will have tests planned out which are used for different patients who need to know whether they have a problem with a certain part of the brain. It may be that only one area is affected and this could be related to something like memory. This could happen when someone has an accident and only one part of the brain is affected, but they are still able to function in other ways.

Often over time the patient will find that with time they will start to improve. This is often the case with someone who has had a brain operation, such as brain tumor. Right after the operation, they will be weak and the brain will have to have some time to recover. Often this kind of thing takes up to two years. This is why one has to be patient. The therapist will test the patient at different points in time.

The tests consist of matching up certain symbols and basic multiple questions and answers. They are very basic tests, but they will assess what area of the brain has been affected. There are a lot of different tests that are designed for different patients. Some with a brain injury will have something specific to do. They will be able to see whether it is memory related or something that is related to cognitive development.

When a patient comes in for testing, they will be interviewed and talk with the therapist so they can gather basic information. The therapist will then be able to understand a little about their communication pattern and their behavioral skills. This all ties in with the brain because this is how neuroscience works.

A neuropsychologist will talk to someone who is having a test beforehand so that they are able to get an idea of the behavior that they display. Speech also comes into play here. This is obviously not seen in the test. The behavior of the patient will be tied into how the brain is affected and with the test results, one can generally see where the problem lies.

They also have their own private practices where clients come in and are tested there. This includes those who have had accidents and need to be assessed. Doctors will refer patients to one of these psychologists to make sure that everything is in order. Once they find that there is a problem with the brain, the client will be referred to a psychiatrist or a psychologist. There are medications available. Psychotherapy is also a good thing in a case like this.

Finding a therapist like this in New York, NY can be tough, but one needs to go through all the right channels in order to get the best kind of service. You will also find that some of these therapist work in conjunction with lawyers who need their services. Many people who have suffered an injury of the brain will be suing someone because of what they have been through. A neuropsychologist will then be able to assess the situation and back them up.

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